Daily #F1 News and Comment: Monday 12th August 2013

As news are light on the ground this is a news roundup from around the web.

Do you know Daniel Ricciardo? (Formula1.com)

Formula1.com did an interview with Daniel Ricciardo and had him complete their special ‘Finishing Line’ questionnaire to help us get to know him better.

Q: The sportsperson I most admire is…

A: Travis Pastrana, a Red Bull athlete. He’s an all-rounder in all the fancy extreme sports from freestyle motocross to base jumping – and now he’s even rallying. He’s living life to the full!

Ricciardo is a Red Bull boy through and through…

Williams F1 to establish larger young driver programme (Autosport)

According to Autosport, Williams F1 is to announce a new young driver to fill the gap left by Bottas. Although Susie Wolf is the official development driver she is not seen as the official replacement.

When asked about the young driver programme Claire Williams said, “We would like to do a proper young driver programme in the future but that’s always about budget and we have got to make sure that the budget is in place and secure for the F1 team before we start looking at doing a comprehensive young driver programme like the likes of Lotus or Red Bull,“.

Mallya stating the obvious ‘We can’t underestimate McLaren’ (ESPN)

At Silverstone we were 22 points ahead of McLaren and everyone came and asked me the same question [about whether we could stay ahead]. I said, look, I’m not a fool. McLaren is a multiple world championship team, they have humongous resources and it would be naive bordering on stupid to think that McLaren won’t pick up their performance.

Of course it would help if Mallya invest some money in his team as well but even so, it was never really going to happen, Force India beating McLaren…



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  1. I wonder who the young driver will be. Juncadella would be a good fit for that role. There was a rumour that it could be another young russian…

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