Castrol GP Predictor Summary – Hungaroring 2013

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Rejoice! The WDC and WCC are not foregone conclusions.  A competitive Mercedes on a Sunday; and this time in the hands of a heartbroken Lewis Hamilton.  Personal life aside, if Lewis could channel his focus in this kind of way more often, he would be rivalling any driver in F1 past and present.

After Lewis said Jai Ho to McLaren last year many people questioned the logic.  Hamilton said I Don’t Need a McLaren Man, I’m not going to Stickwitu forever.  The Woking based team must Hate This Part.  As Lewis passed Jenson in Hungary, he was heard uttering down the team radio Don’t Cha wish that you were quick like me.  McLaren have now said they are going to loosen up their Buttons and end development of the MP4-28.

Poor Pussycat Dolls puns done… time for the predictor review.

On the Up

Unsurprisingly it was a good week for Team Hami.  70 points for the team, 52% prediction accuracy meant a 14 place increase in the league.  Had Romain Grosjean not decided to revert to his 2012 dodgems mode, it could have been even better.

Nevertheless, the most improved for this round in the league.

Hungaroring 2013 - Team Hami

Also greatly improved was From Russia with Love.  Up 8 places into 22 place in the league, following 37% prediction accuracy.  It seems it was a good week to be Russian, concerning Formula One.

Hungaroring 2013 - From Russia with Love

One to Forget

A Poor weekend for Team Silver Arrows who had had little faith in the Mercedes GP team overcoming their tyre wear issues, predicting Nico for a 4th placed finish and Lewis for a 6th placed finish.

Hungaroring 2013 - Team Silver Arrows

Nobody saw it coming

Undoubtedly, the biggest surprise of the round came from the Mercedes team being able to manage their tyres well, and cruise to a fairly dominant victory.  The extra straight line speed which it boasted compared to the RBs was the difference between being stuck behind Jenson for 12 laps, and passing him quickly.  A real game changer if this form can continue.

Food for thought

Can the Force India’s regain the scintillating form they showed earlier in the season on the new 2012 construction tyres?

Also, can Williams build on their first point of the season to join the midfield battle?

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

Which constructor has the most wins at Hungarian GP?

(Answer will be posted in the next Predictor summary)

Last question’s answer

The question was: Who holds the most recent (2002-present) lap record for the Nurburgring?  What year was it set and what was the time?

Answer: Michael Schumacher in 2004, set a time of 1.29.468.  This was the final year, before the tyre rules were changed to end the Ferrari dominance.

8 responses to “Castrol GP Predictor Summary – Hungaroring 2013

  1. Hey I got 54 points! I have to admit, I was called away on Friday on a very important matter and didn’t change my predictions from Germany 😉 Got pole and the winner 😀 and Alonso 5th. 10-10-10

    Also got 5 points for Vettel, Massa and Perez – 1 place away.

    Okay, should I tell you all this?

    • I changed mine… wish I hadn’t now, I’d have done better leaving it, still by some bizarre quirk of fate I have ended up staying in 19th place, some up, some down. Got to take this lucky week and try and up my game for Spa folks!

      Thats a cracking score from team Hami, but I was trying to work it out from memory, but if Grosjean would have finsihed second, then wouldn’t team Hami have done worse? Owing to Vettel, Webber, and Alono moving down a slot and only scoring 5 points each instead of the full 10 each: 15 pts instead of 30, and the 10 from Roman still leaves 5 less, what did I miss?

      • more me being speculative and saying Raikkonen would not have been able to defend against Vettel and Grosjean…

  2. Yay!! Team Hami!!….Thanks guys for recognition of my points…This site has helped in my greater understanding of the sport and it feels good to be part of this. Thanks again!

  3. Fighting hard to stay “Lanterne rouge” and it ain’t easy!
    If RG had not fallen victim of McNish wrath I may have had the 60 points bonus for in order podium! rats…

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