MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2013 (Hungaroring) – Driver of the Weekend

Mark Webber FORMULA 1 - Hungarian GPWho do you think was the driver of the weekend? This takes into account more than just the race. Please use the comments section below to say why you voted the way you have – and who should be the driver of the weekend.

21 responses to “MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2013 (Hungaroring) – Driver of the Weekend

  1. My vote goes to Hamilton this weekend but also Grosjean ran a great race, it was unfortunate that he had to pay the price for Charlie Whiting and friends’ double standards while applying rules.

  2. Partisan vote from me, went for Hamilton. Superb drive to take his first victory this season.

    Two worthy shouts for DotW are Raikkönen and Webber, in my humble opinion. Both had drove excellent races as well.

  3. There can only be Hamilton. His pole lap was absolutely superb and in the race his overtaking maneuvers immediately after coming our of the pits were crucial to his win. I know that people talk about Button costing Vettel the win, but it’s not Button’s fault if Vettel can’t overtake him in superior machinery.

      • In qualy trim, maybe, in race conditions, no. RBR is still ahead of everyone else. Don’t let Hungary fool you. As Lowe said, “Lewis is a bit special around here.” So you will see the return of RBR’s dominance in the next few races. Maybe with the harder tyres in Spa and Monza, Merc have a chance, but still Vettel and RBR have already run away with their fourth title.

        • I don’t want to see a RBR dominance. Want to see Vettel scrap it out until the last race but still take his 4th championship… But in a less superior car.

          Lewis is special but just needs to focus on the job at hand and less to the superstar life…

          • Well, first of all I don’t care about his lifestyle as long as he delivers on track, secondly, I think the old Lewis of ’07/’08 might be back. He said after the race he gets lots of support from his family, he prays daily, he seemed a little bit subdued and surely his break-up with Nicole has affected him. Maybe he’s using the latter as a ‘vehicle’ for focusing more.

            PS When I see Vettel winning and delivering in an inferior car, that will chance my mind on his legacy. Until then, Alonso (who I really dislike) and Hamilton would be the top 2 of their generation, in my personal opinion of course.

      • I’m with McLaren78 on this one. In qualifying-trim, the Mercedes has been consistently the fastest, and Hamilton likes the fact that he can now do to Vettel what Vettel has been doing to everyone for the last few years.

        In race-trim, forget it : Red Bull are miles ahead of everyone still. Hungary just happened to favour Hamilton rather than Vettel on the day. Without Button’s interference, Vettel had more than enough pace to challenge and overtake Hamilton (either on the track or through pit-stops). Spa and Monza, if Pirelli stick with the hard tyre, then perhaps Mercedes have a decent chance of being good because they naturally tend to have the faster car on straight lines.

        From Singapore onwards though, it’s going to be very different, Red Bull and Vettel will be the overwhelming favourites from then on. I am convinced that Vettel already has his 4th title in his pocket, it would take a cataclysmic collapse from Red Bull and Vettel to surrender it this year.

        • You can blame (or thank, LOL) Button all you want, but what really freed Hamilton and kept us from seeing a serious three way scrap between Hamilton, Vettel and Grosjean was the FIA’s new pitlane speed limit. Without that change, Hamilton Vettel and Grosjean would all have emerged in front of Button, completely changing the nature of the race.

          Important not to forget, IMO.

          • Good point, I was fairly adamant at the time – extending pit stop time would mess with certain competitive strategies and affect the racing.

      • As far as race trim goes, one has only to compare what Webber can do from the middle of the pack compared to Rosberg.
        Both are very good drivers; both damaged their cars; only one looked to have any chance at all of getting near the podium.

        Running from the front flatters any car (Mercedes or Red Bull). If Vettel had got the drop on Hamilton at the start, there would have been only one winner.

        There’s not all that much in it, but the Red Bull still seems to be the faster race car.

  4. Kimi for me – a great job driving to a strategy with skill and consistency to a podium finish. Plus – did you see the slide in qually? Not precision driving, but superb reactions, a great save and a superb demonstration of GP driving at the top!

      • It seems as if Kimi has changed from this really fast driver of His McLaren days to a more all-round driver in the mould of Alonso. We’re so lucky to have the top 4 drivers of their generation in the top 4 teams (can’t believe I’m excluding Macca here!).

        • Agree with that, they have both developed a maturity which is demonstrated in their strategic delivery and stunning displays of ability when called upon – I do not like Alonso’s ever changing public persona, but he is a great driver! Cannot see him with Vettel at Red Bull and Seb himself admitted he would prefer Kimi as a team mate.

  5. Has to be Hamilton for me – followed up a great qualifying with a magnificent race. He took every opportunity he got, which he needed to to win the race.

    Honorable mentions to both Lotus drivers too.

  6. Ham, Gro, Mal, Web, Rai, But, VDG for me.

    Surprised no one mentioned Maldonado getting 10th and being a lot faster than Bottas, agree with the pitstop vibes and Grosjean deserved 2nd.

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