How would you rate the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton © F1 Around The WorldAs the dust settles on the MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2013 (Hungarian Grand Prix) what was your thoughts on the race? Do you think the new, more durable tyres are playing into the hands of Mercedes and Red Bull? Please let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section below.

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  1. Sorry Danilo, but this race separated the men – those who can pass – from the boys – those who can’t.

    Great tension throughout the race. I thought webber was in with a chance of winning at one stage.

  2. I gave it a 4. Racing with a formula 1 on a kart is ridiculous. The whole tyregate and its outcome is ridiculous. This spor is getting rotten

    • Ha, I wonder what team you support! Racing on a kart track seems to seperate those who can overtake from those who can’t. Felt sorry for Romain, made some good opportunities, and the amount he ran wide was miniscule.The Button incident I looked to me like Jenson should have conceded, Romain seemed to be past, JB tagged him as it was tight, then RG overan the chicane.

      The opportunity for Fernando to try the tyres at Silverstone was there, and he didn’t, so obviously a tyre test is not that crucial. All we seem to hear is; If Merc do well, then its the tyre test that did it, if they do poorly its their own fault, and *silence* on the tyre test… given the advances they made from last year to this, is it just possible they are actually engineering their way out of this, or is that just not as reasonable an excuse for the FANs of the teams that are doing poorly by their own ineptitude.

      MY Castrol GPP Scores are gonna suffer after this, worth it though.

      • I have to agree re Grosjean. Vettel took advantage of him off the start as well, banking on him not being aggressive.

        Mark did a great job and you can see Red Bull has great downforce but struggles on the top end. That said, could have been a worse result so Vettel will be happy with it.

        For me, I was pretty much glued to the screen, some good overtakes IMHO.

        Glad for Williams and seems McLaren have got a better car. Also glad Lotus were not that badly affected by the tyres, but then it was hot. Bring on Spa… Too long to wait!!

        • Also here’s hoping Ferrari find something too, and give us a real 4 way photo finish to the season…. With of course Lewis just cliching it… Hey I can dream can’t I!

  3. I gave this race a 6. Oscillated between 6 and 7. It was an ok race which kept you interested through tactics rather than the actual racing.

    I’m chuffed to bits for Hamilton, he’s been trying to get his win for a while, the race at Silverstone looked to be the one that was there for him, but I’m glad he took his opportunity today. Looking at it now, it was really the 12 laps that Vettel spent stuck behind Button that provided him with the opportunity today. Equally disappointed by Nico’s race, woeful luck at the first lap, then he was stuck in traffic for the whole race, before eventually getting that engine failure. Not what he deserved, it’s a shame really.

    Good recovery drive by Raikkönen, Lotus admitted he was initially on a 3-stop race, but converted it to a 2-stop by stretching his stints. The last one was a 33 lap stint I think, madness. And he kept the much faster Vettel behind him fairly comfortably, with just a few hairy moments but otherwise Kimi knew exactly what he was doing. Grosjean was surprisingly good too, I thought he would ram into somebody at some point, finally did so with Button at the chicane. Good race from him otherwise, that’s a change from his usual mediocre stuff.

    Red Bull had the better race as a team, superb drive from Webber to get 4th. Vettel getting a pretty decent 3rd to keep his lead in the standings strong. This is what will win him the title this year, he knows when to get the strong points finish when the race win is out of sight. He was unlucky today, and you can be sure that had he been on top, then we would have never seen him again.

    Ferrari were the bad surprise. I really thought them and Lotus would be the ones to watch for, both Alonso and Massa were nowhere. That’s a big surprise, a bad one too. Alonso will be furious I believe, he may just become more vocal in the next few weeks.

    Pretty good race by McLaren overall, 7th and 9th, they’ve improved for sure. Think the podium finish is a distant prospect still but they seem to have realized that the 2012 concept was what they should have stuck with from the beginning (Haha moment). Very glad that Williams finally got a point too. Force India have been really hurt by the tyre change, I still think it’s a nonsense to change tyres right in the middle of a season but common sense never really has been the FIA’s forte. So, there you go.

    My 2-pence on today’s race, reasonably happy Merc supporter 🙂

    • Completely agree that the turning point of the race was Hamilton getting by Button and Vettel not, though I think on a different track Button would not have been able to hold him up that long. Also can’t believe we didn’t get to see that pass here in the states, even in replay.

      Also hugely important was Hamilton’s pass on Webber coming out of the pits. I still think he would have been in for the win, but the last 10 laps would have seen it much closer between Lewis and Vettel if he’d been stuck behind Mark for several laps.

      Really don’t understand the stewards and Grosjean, thinking maybe they were shown video of last year at Spa instead of this years race. The pass on Massa seemed quite good and the incident with Button was more his fault than Grosjean’s, as he kept his nose up there after he had been pretty thoroughly passed.

      Raikkonen had a good start, but after turn 1 he looked amazingly sloppy and was really wrestling the car through the first part of lap 1 before he settled down.

      Also, Alonso is being investigated for improper DRS use. That’s certainly going to improve his mood over break. 😉

  4. 7 for me. A good race which gave opportunities for some demon overtakes. A gutsy Grosjean caught out again, but replays showed the Stewards to be correct – aren’t they always? However they failed again to warn Vettel who seems to think that all four wheels off to straighten out the track is a champion’s privilege! Button is a whiner, nearly up there with Alonso and Hamilton showed his star quality in the car, but his strange demenour out of it in the pig pen interview – has he now got religion?

    • It’s been alluded recently that he spilt with Nicole and that’s been on his mind lately. Not really sure how true it is, but Hamilton himself said at the German GP that he’s been a mess because of it. Maybe he’s just still getting over it. I hope he is, because I think we saw glimpses of the focused Lewis Hamilton today, the one we had in 2007 and 2008.

      • Yes – but I thought I heard him say he had been praying every day? Good luck to him, but they can’t all have God on their side!

        • TJ13 reported in February that Lewis had found God in some way. He sent Sutil a text saying he ‘prayed’ he could get a return to F1 when the Force india seat was still up for debate during Barcelona testing 1.

          Funny cos most religions say actions speak louder than words, and last week Sutil was adamant Lewis had still not spoken to him personally about the matter which caused their friendship to be broken.

          To be fair Lewis may be a new disciple and not yet understand that forgiveness requires a petition asking for forgiveness to the person wronged from the individual who committed the alleged ‘sin’.

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