How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2013?

Canadian GP © Im a die hard F1 Fan

With the dust settled on the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2013 what was your thoughts on the race? Please let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments section below.

10 responses to “How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2013?

  1. I give it a 5. As we say in Germany, it wasn’t Fish nor meat. It looked like people were at least trying to race, which is a massive improvement over previous races.

  2. I concur with Danilo Schöneberg. The race was good, at least the drivers weren’t afraid of going fast (like in Barcelona or Bahrain), they were pushing and the track obviously provided some good racing at the top-end. Fairly predictable win for Vettel eventually, Alonso fought back well from 6th to take 2nd, Hamilton had a solid race to take 3rd (perhaps he could have had a shot at 2nd but traffic and maybe a random DRS problem affected that, it doesn’t take away his performance). Rosberg had an inexplicable race strategy, going for 2 super-soft stints, when clearly the medium compound was the way to go… Don’t know what Mercedes were trying there.

    I think Mercedes have improved slightly, they had a rear-suspension upgrade in Monaco, designed to help manage the rear tyres and maybe it’s working well-enough. The real test will come in Silverstone, where they will face fast corners putting massive load on the tyres. I will be watching that one rather nervously but I hope both Lewis and Nico can have good races there.

    Force India, Di Resta in particular, had a great race. 57 laps (or something close) on the hard tyres, that’s ridiculous. How kind are they on their tyres ?? Lotus was the really big surprise here, even half way through the race, I was thinking that Raikkönen was going to blitz the field and reel in on Vettel, but it never really happened. It’s rather unusual, maybe they really need super high temperatures to work well… They won’t be pleased with that, for sure.

    Red Bull will be the happier team today, Ferrari and Mercedes will be reasonably satisfied I think. Let’s see how things go in Silverstone.

  3. I found the race a bit boring… ok, it was not that boring but Vettel won too easily. Like him or not though, he is quick… and lady luck loves him.

    He brushed the wall and nothing happend 🙂

  4. An 8 for me – OK Vettel shot off into the distance and could be discounted to some extent, but the rest of the field really worked at it to provide exciting racing, with a bit of team strategy thrown in. Also it was exciting from my point of view as I had to really think about my Castrol predictions without any pointers from the usual practice analysis on this site as I could not wait until it was published before completing the form.

  5. It’s obviously unfair but I’m at a 1. That is only talking as a Kimi fan though. Team Lotus sure knew how to mess up today and I really don’t understand how.

    Falling jack guy, bad start, rubbish tires for Romain in the second stint and no funny team radio messages from Kimi made this the worst race from Lotus/Kimi that I can remember since his comeback.

  6. Wait, this is DISGUSTING!!! These tyres are ridiculous – one driver went a whole 57 laps on a SINGLE SET!!! Pirelli should be shot at dawn!!!!!!

    Oh hang on, that wasn’t our script, was it??

    • LOL, Tim. You have to keep in mind though that Canada is fairly easy on the tyres. They surely wouldn’t have gone 3 quarters of a race distance at Silverstone.

  7. As little action as one could see: Vet has proved a martian, and i still think that drs is robbing audience the best dogfights. Even here, wirh low wear expected, the tyres ruled.

    • Totally agree about DRS. However it does need the gearing to be right if two of the top cars are involved, you can almost hear the valves bouncing sometimes!

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