Daily #F1 News and Comment: Saturday 8th June 2013

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Brawn shoulders the responsibility

Yesterday TJ13 reported that Brawn and Whiting could bear the brunt of the tyre test. During the FIA team principal’s press conference at the Canadian GP Brawn handled the questions in the normal and calm manner that you would expect from him compared to Horner and Domenicali who looked like they were the ones on trial.

When asked if Lauda and Wolf were asked for permission Brawn said, “It was my decision to do the test so that’s a fact…” but he is comfortable they are in the clear and have done nothing wrong, “…we felt we were in a position to be able to do the Pirelli test – it was a Pirelli test, it’s very important to note that – and so the Tribunal will be the time at which all the information will become available…“.

It is interesting is that Lauda and Wolf have kept themselves under the radar as much as possible and is leaving this to Brawn to deal with. Brawn made it clear that, “ninety-nine percent of our people are focused on trying to do the best job they can over the race weekend, and there’s one percent of people – including me – that’s got to deal with the after-effects of the Pirelli test”. He added, “I’ve been in it [Formula1] a long time, and I’ve been through these periods before”. 

One has to wonder how capable Wolf and Laude will be in a situation like this. Will they be able to lead the team in the same manner that Brawn is?

Hulk not regretting move to Sauber

Hulkenberg was quoted saying he did not regret moving from Force India to Sauber despite the latter only scoring 5pts to FI’s 44. Hulkenberg went on to say, “…you make decisions in life and have to live with them… there are no guarantees in life – especially not in Formula One!”

You may not be able to predict the future however you can consider the variables… In October last year TJ13 did a feature article on why Sauber will fall back this year. Maybe he should have read it before he signed his contract. 😉

Vettel doesn’t bother to try out new tyres

Most informed people in F1 know the biggest criticism of the Pirelli 2013 tyres has come from Red Bull, both in public and behind the scenes. The teams have failed to meet and unanimously request Pirelli provide an alternative, yet the Italian tyre company has volunteer possible solution.

Tyres have been provided for evaluation this weekend and under the sporting regulations these may be tested in FP1 and FP2. The teams would then need to unanimously agree that these tyres may be introduced for the remainder of the 2013 season.

Nico Rosberg appears to be in favour of the new rubber saying, “The differences are small, it’s not like night and day and I’d like us to use them”. Sam Micheal however feels they have not been able to properly evaluate them because the track was evolving so quickly and this made “information and feedback” problematic.

Yet Sebastian Vettel has no opinion on the matter. He responded when asked, “I have not tried them”. The world champion preferred to tune his car to the tyres that will be used during Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

With the furore raging over tyres and Red Bull/Vettel (more so than Webber) consistently complaining their car is severely ‘tyre limited’, is it unreasonable to expect the team from Milton Keynes to take some responsibility in trialing the Pirelli solution – as did others?

8 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Saturday 8th June 2013

  1. While wolff and Lauda would like to keep a low profile on the issue(as it suits them) and have left Brawn to face the whole shebang (post tyre testing) ! I really doubt if they weren’t aware of or were informed about it in advance. It wasn’t a a couple of hours extra on the track, but a full 1000 kms exercise planned with Pirelli. I am sure the ‘Legal’ and ‘strategy’ department at Mercedes vetted the entire case before they took a ‘joint’ call to go ahead with it. They surely must have read and re-read every damn FIA rulling / sporting clause in the book.

    If this does eventually lead to the ouster of Brawn from the F1 Mercedes equation then It would be nothing short of pathetic.

    • If this eventually lead to the outster of Brawn from the F1 Mercedes equation then the writing is on the wall that the future of F1 Mercedes will be even more pathetic…

      • I am not entirely sure, I think Mercedes is fairly comfortable in the game now. I say so for a variety of reasons, hiving off the F1 project to Mercedes AMG along with bringing in Toto Wolff with an ownership stake. They have plans for a long term stay in F1 as you can’t possibly develop a F1 winner in mere three years ask Red Bull or Caterham (at opposite ends of the spectrum), they understand it now. The only genuine problem they have at the moment is that Brawn is not letting go from his position. While they appreciate the marked improvement owing to his efforts, but cant develop a clear road map for paddy, while Brawn is still there (add to that Aldo and Bob ).

        • “you can’t possibly develop a F1 winner in mere three years”
          But it has happened within twelve months in the past. I grant it’s not so easy now but should one not be able to expect more from the might of such as Merc.?

          • If you are alluding to BRAWN GP, then its a once in a quarter century happening to say the least, its hard to repeat such events by sheer money muscle or even with the best of F1 folks in a team.

            As for Mercedes, its a car thats been developed over three major iterations in three years, its not like Mercedes started afresh with a new team new concepts on clean sheet of paper and voila they have the faster car. It took three years even for all Mercedes muscle to come together and put a car thats super fast on a single lap (but still compromised on race pace owing to tyre wear).

  2. Is it just me or has Vettel become a lot more ‘moaney’ this year? Doesn’t seem half as cheery as usual!

  3. If Todt/FIA are trying to make life so uncomfortable for Pirelli that they quit so that Michelin can join the sport I would be happy to say I told you so when Michelin builds a no pit stop tyre and we revert back to boring processions. And let’s not forget Michelin’s Indy farce which could well be repeated if they don’t build the tires right if the spec for entertainment/pitstops continues. I would love to see egg on Jean’s face. It’s amazing to me that an organization like the FIA would play games/politics with a sponsor/supplier.

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