FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA 2013 – Driver of the Weekend

Who do you think was the driver of the weekend? This takes into account more than just the race. Please use the comment box to say why you voted the way you have – and who should be the driver of the weekend.

19 responses to “FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPAÑA 2013 – Driver of the Weekend

  1. This race was a bloody disgrace. Pirelli need to get kicked out of F1. What a bloody travesty

    • Think Hembery accepts this. He said 4 stops too many.

      The driver who won raced hard from 5th and wasn’t driving to delta lap times. His engineers said he drives by ‘feeling how the tyres are and knowing how hard to push’.

      I’ve been saying all year I don’t understand why teams are second guessing the lowest no of stops possible. Drive hard, stint 1 and see where that leaves us.

    • I totally agree BUT it’s easy to keep bashing Pirelli whereas the fault is with FIA is my opinion that they don’t allow them some in-season testing every 3-4 races.

      • I agree, Lewis made the race interesting.

        Without him, all those overtakes (of Lewis by the others) would not have happened!

        So you see, even going back from 2nd to 12th is good for the F1 show. We all know boring it is when Alonso and/or Vettel start from the front and run away from the rest of the field. Boring, boring, boring. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

        • I forgot to add, as this is a vote for driver of the week, it has to be Lewis. He said before the race that the car had been difficult to set up and he was surprised to have got 2nd in quali.
          For Lewis to get a dog of a car to qualify 2nd was quite an achievement.

    • Hirohide Hamashima understands the tyres for Ferrari.
      Thanks for the compliment Ed, finally Ferrari has a car, that’s so good, it has to be illegal, a badge of honour that’s what it is.

      • LdM did call for a car that was on the limit of the regs 😉

        Interesting the FIA were doing a flex floor test on Alonso’s car about an hour after the race. It’s not one the do a lot.

        Still, I’d take anyone other than the finger boy for the WDC – just for a change. Which in effect means Alonso or Kimi.

    • Precisely and I said this last year when they had announced that the 2013 tyres would be one degree softer. Ferrari had problems warming up their tyres last year, they suit them perfectly now.

  2. And all the Mercedes (Hamilton) fans were laughing yesterday when I said Mercedes were chewing up their tyres faster than everyone else.

    And didn’t Gary Anderson change his tune quickly.

    • I don’t dislike Gary but he’s not always on the ball. Gillan on James Allen’s website is always spot on. And he had said that the new tyre would hurt Merc the most. And of course it would. The working range went from 95-110 to 85-105, i.e. warming up even faster, degrading even quicker!

    • Yes, I was completely wrong, I am utterly flummoxed as to how a team of engineers, most of them with the highest experience in F1, can spend so much time trying to fix a specific problem, yet have absolutely zero effectiveness. Stuttgart must be livid, I mean what’s to say they can sort this out for next year, when they will apparently be the team to beat? McLaren have issues, but you can bet they will sort out their problems before Merc. Monaco next, where pole is more important than anywhere else, but I bet Merc will manage to mess it up again!! So frustrating.

    • 2 people is not ‘all’ fella, I as a Hamilton fan, was amazed they got on the front row, I thought I was being optimisitc putting them at the bottom of the top 10 for my Castrol GPP (so similar to yourself I notice :-P), turns out I was… terrible day.

      It is a bit bizzarre seeing the ‘fastest’ car being so hampered by tyre preservation issues over a full race. If you strapped Schumis old bridgestones on there, the Mercs and Red Bulls would probably make the Ferrari and Lotus’ look like horse and traps. I do hope they tone it back a bit, last year was fun, but this year I think its probably gone a bit far.

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