The Bar Exam: 09 May 2013

Welcome to this week’s edition of thejudge13 Bar Exam. Last week saw the first time that I did not receive a correct answer. Hopefully, this week we will resume business as usual with a few correct answers.

Last week’s question: Can you name the circuit at which this race was held, in what year, who won it and in what car?

The answer I was looking for was: The circuit was Zandvoort and the photo was taken during the “Grand Prix 1970 van Nederland voor Formule I wagens”. The race was won by Jochem Rindt in Lotus 72.

Well done to Graham, Cassius, Jon, Simon and Sun Beam.

This week’s question: Can you name the car and the year in which the car raced from the pictures in the slideshow. Can you also note how many wins the car took in the year(s) it was raced. (There are 5 images)

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