Daily News and Comment: Saturday 30th March 2013

News is pretty thin on the ground I’m afraid. This page – may not be updated 🙂 Happy Easter everyone….

Bahrain protests against F1 begin again

Iranian TV is reporting today violent clashes between demonstrators and police in Bahrain. Witnesses report that security forces had used tear gas against the demonstrators, and explosions have also been heard. The protesters were demanding the release of Nabeel Rajab and the cancellation of the 21 for April called the planned Bahrain Grand Prix.

Rajab is the head of the NGO Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) and was arrested last year during a demonstration on the outskirts of the district where the Formula 1 race is held. In August, he was sentenced to three years in prison. For more than two years, the majority Shiite population demonstrated against the authoritarian leadership of the Sunni royal family. 2011, the Bahrain Grand Prix was canceled due to insecurity.

German fans back Vettel?

German F1 site MotorsportTotal ran a poll with it’s fans and asked them whether Vettel should give back a race win to Mark Webber. Only 29% responded ‘Yes’ and 71% said ‘No’. In contrast 80% TJ13 readers believe that Vettel should receive a sanction.

Of course these are 2 different questions, and it may be that TJ13 readers do not believe Vettel should hand back a race win to Webber, but merely be made to stand down for a race and change the front wheel on Webber’s car.

On another German news site, Blick, the fans vented their anger against Vettel. The only driver’s to receive lower scores for their race were Maldonado, Pic, Chilton and Van Der Garde.

Marussia: Ferrari or Mercedes engines for 2014

Renault have shut the door on Marussia for the supply of 2014 engines and the teams Chief Executive Andy Webb has now admitted their Formula One team will be powered either by Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz engines in 2014.

Marussia have a decision to make because Cosworth – whose only customer in Formula 1 this year is the Banbury based team – will leave the sport before the start of the new turbo V6 era. “It’s obvious,” said Webb, “that with the departure of Cosworth then we can choose between Ferrari and Mercedes and we’ll talk with both”, he told Russian media.

Webb adds, “It is clear that the price will be an important factor, because the cost will be significantly higher than the current engines and we need to ensure we choose the right partner. I hope to be able to announce our decision in the next four weeks.”

You would imagine with Renault talking to Toro Rosso currently running Ferrari engines, the Maranello team are under a little pressure to ensure they have no less than 2 customer teams. Force India have just committed to Mercedes and this leaves Sauber and Marussia as the only realistic options for Ferrari to partner with in 2014.

Marussia are behaving in a most bullish manner, results have been good on track and Andy reveals, “The 2014 car is already in the wind tunnel. We have already seen a lot of data on the requirements for the 2014 engines but we have not chosen a partner yet, though we do have a lot of information”.

2 responses to “Daily News and Comment: Saturday 30th March 2013

  1. Ferrari are financially helping out the team already because of the Bianchi signing. They’ll go with Ferrari engines and possibly end up as a development team for Ferrari. Maybe not the best long-term solution for Marussia but it will keep them in business.

    • Indeed, yet Mercedes won the Force India battle with Ferrari.

      With the possibility of losing McLaren in 2015, it could be Mercedes are pretty keen on signing Marussia and Ferrari could end up ‘doing a Ferrari’ which is – we are the best, stuff you if you don’t want to join us.

      My own view is the Renault era of dominance will be seriously challenged with the 2014 turbo’s.

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