Malaysia GP 2013: Rate the race

To establish a historic database of which races people thought were the best and worst we are launching this pole. Try not to vote upon how well your driver or team fared.

The criteria should be as an F1 event to watch, how good was this. Maybe think about the best 5 and worst 5 races you can remember and then score this race accordingly.

I’m fascinated to hear why you score the race as you do. Please leave a comment to explain your decision.

3 responses to “Malaysia GP 2013: Rate the race

  1. Hi Judge – haven’t been commenting for a while, but never stopped reading :). Just a quick pointer that the polls don’t show up for me in Chrome/OSX. Safari and Firefox seem to be fine. Cheers – Auq.

  2. Malaysia rated a seven with me – if only for the excitement towards the end with the Vettel/Webber spat! I made my Castrol predictions based on a rain soaked race with a lottery of a result, however this was not to be, but I managed to scrape better points than for Melbourne by luck rather than judgement! I understand team orders, but like many, as a fan, I do not like them and hope that this will not be the memorable feature of the 2013 season.

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