The Bar Exam: 14 March 2013

Thank you to all who took part in last week’s Bar Exam. There are more and more participants every week which is great!

Last week’s question was: Which businessman sponsored this car (bonus if you can name the car) and why did he do it?

True to form TJ13 readers were quick to answer so well done to Andy, Alistair, Dave and “First4F1”.

The answer I was looking for was: Japanese businessman Tomonori Tsurumaki. Tsurumaki announced plans to build a vast $400m sports complex, including a Grand Prix-standard racing circuit, at the top of a mountain in a remote part of Japan. The car was the Benetton B191

To draw attention to his scheme he sent a very large check to the Benetton Formula 1 team which was only too happy to put Autopolis stickers on its cars. He tried to convince Mr E to host F1 races at his circuit but it never happend and eventually he went bankrupt. One have to think what Mr E’s view on that would have been today (Yeongam anyone?)

This week’s question: Name the circuit, team and driver in the picture below.
TheJudge13 Bar Exam 14 March

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