Reflections on Jerez. Part 3: TJ13 and Social Media

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Back in home Chambers. It’s 01:40 and I’ve just completed the following. News round up and comment back tomorrow.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts from Jerez the TJ13 vision. However, seeing as we have not yet consigned this to parchment, framed upon my wall, forgive me if the wording varies. The essential element of the vision is, ‘bringing fans closer to F1 by pushing social media boundaries’.

I know that many of you simply visit this blog via your web browser and have no interest in face book, linked in, twitter et al – and that is fine by me.

However, I have been on a technological and experiential journey over the past year and it has not been intentional in any way. My technological advances in social media have been typified by the need to do something fast – and so I learn to do it myself or with some quick help with the tools available.

Twitter was one of those things I had no time for. In days of yore, I couldn’t be doing with people telling me they’d just eaten lettuce, been to the toilet or woken up at 2 in the afternoon. Those kind of posts epitomised twitter for me.

Yet I’ve learned through F1 that twitter is so much more. Some of the F1 teams have embraced twitter, but it appears they fit mostly into the category of those disseminating infomation about lettuce, toilets and waking patterns.

On Friday morning, I was thinking about people sat at home watching test feeds from the BBC and sites similar to this. I remember doing this myself in 2012 during the 1st Barcelona test. The BBC text feed is on a page on their site which is updated with a new paragraph every 5-10 minutes but it is run buy people back in the UK. Whilst they do a pretty good job, they are not on location and the whole feed is predominently set against the constant reporting of lap times – which in Jerez are not particularly relevant.

So without planning I decided to do a live report for the 25 minutes before the session began. The pictures were there for all to see, but I added some audio which requires Quick Player to be played on a computer (Free PC player) or an app on a mobile device called Voice Changer Plus.

This is what I produced. (You need Quick Time Player to hear the audio clips I posted. Its free to download).

#f1 Morning all, here’s a flavour of what’s going on.
#f1 A Renault engine breaks the stillness over th track 
#f1 And now just the other kind of tweeters 
#f1 pit lane deserted and the prancing horse gurgles briefly, as though clearing its throat…silence again.
#f1 It’s cold. Very cold and just 16 mins before he presses the button for the green lights and the last day in Jerez
#f1 Will be easy day for PR. No corporate guests in today for breakfast. Many media left last night after Kimi
#f1 When Alonso drives, the main stand is half full by 0830. Not 1 person amongst the 4000 empty seats.
#f1 First ray of warmth hits me as in 2 minutes the sun appears from nowhere. A Merc splutters reluctantly into life.
#F1 Ferrari temp hospitality looks like a high class bordello, still sleeping after an eventful evening. No one there
#f1 1 min to go. 7 fans in main stand the other side of the track. I can hear what they are saying. Silenced garages 
#f1 WOW. Seconds after green lights, Caterham shatters the silence, then Lotus, TR, Sauber. FI now. No more birdsong 
#f1 Will try posting vid clips on YouTube. Thejudgethirteen channel. 3G poor. Let me know if they are going up please.

I hoped that gave those following an enhanced experience of what was the build up to the final days runing in Jerez.

During the week in Jerez I had seen consistent objections from F1 supporters over the lack of pictures and video from the test. I have a pretty decent video camera but you need great WIFI to send the video online. Jerez did not have this, even in our Hotel – which was not inexpensive – to send a 5MG picture was taking minutes not 15-20 seconds.

On Friday I discovered that short bursts of video on a medium resolution device such as a mobile phone could be posted via 3G to YouTube.

I then posted video clips throughout the day to thejduge13’s YouTube channel. Of course, it was from my phone which is not great as there was no zoom on the video function, but for me sat at home I think I would have loved the audio/visual experience bringing me a little closer to events in Jerez.

The following day was a filming day for McLaren. I decided to post some more video for those at home suffering withdrawal from the end of F1 testing. This was done by uploading the clips to YouTube from my phone and then tweeting a link to the relevant YouTube page to make it easy for people to click through.

Here is what I managed. I have embedded the links for your ease of use. Of course these were done live, so it really was an ‘as it is happening’ experience’. There were several minutes between some of the posts and the whole sequence took about 90 minutes to deliver.

Having arrived back in the UK I can see the quality of some of these is not great. however, that is rectifiable with a bit better technology and a change in shooting technique. Still, for the spur of a moment….

Each line is a new tweet…

So are we feeling blue? Jerez F1 testing over. Well in my relentless pursuit to bring #f1 fans closer to the sport….

Here comes some Saturday #f1 Jerez track action from McLaren filming day. I have to be careful that my alter ego is not discovered though..

#f1 …so keep this to yourselves…and remember theUsher @thejudge13twts is watching for any contemptuous activity…here we go.

#F1 Jenson filming day. Sat after Jerez. Jenson screams out of the garage…

#F1 Live today, Jenson Filming Jerez: Turn 2 & 3

#F1 Track deserted and its erie to hear a solitary car. jenson Filming Jerez: Round the hill 

Jenson all alone in Jerez. Chasing shadows. Live in Jerez today courtesy of social media tj13 TV

Live inside action from McLaren filming day, Sat 9th Feb in Jerez. Final bend approaches for Jenson

Two laps done for Jenson. Cup of tea? Mclaren filming live #f1 now in Jerez 

#f1 TJ13 Cryptic quiz. Was ‘uncle joe’ related to ‘uncle joe’? If so why or how?

#f1 Just met a couple of people I know – fortunately there was a phone box nearby & I just managed to change out of my judges gown in time.

Next time you see an #f1 garage packed full on TV, this is it empty. Ferrari were in here just yesterday. Jerez 2013 

Talking of #f1 garages. Lewis waz ere. Mercedes empty Jerez garage. Live now, sat 9th feb in Jerez 

And now here is Ferrari’s lush hospitality suite. Live from Jerez via TJ13 TV – bringing fans closer to #f1  

It’s cold in Jerez today. Boys from Maranello #f1 team not enjoying the sun 

Have you seen a deserted #f1 pit lane? its eerie and silent. Live today from Jerez via TJ13 Internet TV

#f1 I need a phone cam with zoom I know. Bit for now this is as close as I dare go without revealing thejudge13 alter ego….

Better not get too close, or the #f1 cover of tj13 is blown…

I’ll nip the other side of the live #f1 McLaren filming for another shot. TJ13 had a coffee in there yesterday. Jerez

As close as I dare get without being Recognised. Cap pulled down low. Can’t let #f1 people know who I am

Blockbuster in the making. Jenson the movie filming live in Jerez. Part 1. “He can drive like hell to a 2nd #f1 WDC  

TK13 hiding on the roof brings ypu covert shots of Jenson the Move: Part 2. “Jenson can drive but practices walking”

#f1 big discussions going on here in Jerez. Jenson the Movie has ground to a halt. He’s not happy. Remonstrating visibly with the director..

Aha. The problem was Jenson was not happy with the setup of his drivers’ boots on the asphalt. Too much understeer and a lack of grip…#f1

So here we go again. Take 2. Jenson not driving but walking the #f1drivers walk

Bugger, #F1 people I know coming up to the roof, better get out of here fast…TJ13 risks blowing his cover. 

Anyone who thinks TJ13 is really #f1 s Ross Brawn’s alter ego…I suggest to check out how fast I’m travelling…. 

#F1 people everywhere..where to go?…TJ13 looks for a clear path of escape….

Cab of a truck…yeah.. Mrs Judges favourite hiding place…better not…lets have a peep round the front.

Think I’m in the clear…Phew…cap down..Back of #f1 Caterham one will be doing anything there of worth

Ooops…makes a change…its #f1 Go Go Go…run for it. Mrs Judge, don’t spare the horses (or horse – a Rental Corsa

That was too #f1 close. Need TJ13 operatives next time..applications please…Out and offski…later…..

13 responses to “Reflections on Jerez. Part 3: TJ13 and Social Media

    • No probs – and as I get more help, things will get even better.

      Just commenting every now and then helps build the community here at TJ13 so thanks for helping us grow.

    • We’ll find other ways of broadcasting that kind of thing next year.

      Twitter is just so ‘in the moment’. But I hope to have a couple of techies with me in 2014 and we’ll get more up to the main site than I was able to this year

  1. TJ you seem to be deliberately provoking a mass of speculation as to your identity. I don’t know enough, but there are those who do and will work it out. Are you afraid that your sources will shun you once your cover is blown?

  2. I’ve felt for a long time that Twitter on a personal level is absolute shit. But on a corporate or commercial level (I’d view driver tweets as commercial) then it is really fantastic. It sounds from your first statements on this article that you came to the same conclusion as I. This validation satisfies me.

    • I think we have the same view though I’d express it slightly differently.

      The end will justify the means – or not. So whether from a personal or corporate standpoint, twitter gives a speedy and concise message – breaking news is good on twitter. Considered writing is not.

      If you want to get snippets of information,pictures and sound throughout the day from what I’m seeing in Jerez, then twitter was great (it did include a portaloo toilet shot though in tweets from Friday pm I didn’t have time to include).

      It also included a short video of a bearded marshal waving a blue flag. I tweeted this image with the comment, “No..surely not…this can’t be…I thought Alonso wasn’t coming to Jerez Felipe”

    • By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed this entire post. Absolutely great job, and very much thank you for the suspense at the end! haha

      Don’t get caught though! While the videos were really great, I think I’d rather keep you safe and anonymous than risk it all for 20 seconds of video. I’ve come to rely on this site to satisfy my F1 hunger quite heavily.

      • Don’t worry – in the worlds of a certain someone…’I know what I’m doing” 😉

        I had a lot of fun doing that – and it was a real on the spur of the moment idea. Mrs. J was bored and had returned to the car.

        And thanks for your continued assistance in building the community with your regular comments.

  3. Lol, brilliant! “Escape from Jerez: The Judge’s Close Shave” full length action movie soon to be released in 700 parts 😉

  4. Thanks for the insight and amusing interlude. Not a fan of social media & probably won’t start now; twitter not so good on a ten year old Nokia!

    • Thank you. Don’t worry, the site will always be the main focus of what I do.

      It may not be immediate, but will will let the site readers know of things going on in other areas of social media – and with the help coming on board from passionate F1 fans and volunteers – it will just keep getting better.

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