Jerez Day 4. Pictures

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Here’s a selection of Mrs Judge’s efforts and a couple from her photographic apprentice – yours truly.

Apologies for the clunkiness of the composition, however the sentiment from Sir Winston who said – ‘Give us the tools….’ – is  most appropriate to me this evening. My copywriter’s basic typewriter lacks the sophistication of the one Mrs Judge possesses – which is back in Blighty.

Let’s have a little competition – which picture do you like best, and who do you think captured it? Time for some food…later…

5 responses to “Jerez Day 4. Pictures

  1. Great work, Judge! Really appreciate your (and Mrs Judge’s) coverage of this test. Looking forward to reading more when you’re back home and have caught up on some sleep.

    Of the lot there my favourite was the pic of whoever it was wrapped in the tartan blanket, and I guess you took it. Don’t know why I like that one – probably because it screams “Not” F1.

    I also liked the b&w of the photographer with the telephoto lens, which I guess was taken by MrsJ.

    • Sorry in answer to your guess. they were both taken by Mrs. J – but the blanket guy was in fact last year – we so love that photo we had to put it up. However, this is not an uncommon sight before 11am when the temperature rises from around 0 deg c to 10 deg c.

      My apprenticeship is clearly not working 🙁

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