The Bar Exam 06 February: F1 Quiz

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The Bar Exam:

I have mentioned the continued stream of excellent help comming to thejudge13, and it is this that will help us bring F1 fans closer to the sport. One of the goals we seek is to provide F1 fans with something different from the F1 internet sites presently avavilable.

Here is our next innovation. The Bar Exam. TJ13 will be testing the courtroom’s knowledge on past proceedings in Formula 1 – to ensure we are educated properly and abide by the law.

The Bar Exam now has it’s own tab at the top of the page in the menu.

For the first Bar Exam have a look at the video below and name the four cars and the drivers associated with each car.

Answers please to – subject: Bar exam. Cryptic comments to put off other competitors from the scent are welcome. Answers given as a comment will be disregarded – use the email address.

Special thanks to CavallinoRampante for sourcing the video.

12 responses to “The Bar Exam 06 February: F1 Quiz

    • Excluding because they used the current car of the year the commercial was made so that was too easy.

  1. Just looked at it a little closer and slower, and there is even more than 5 different cars in the video, but I guess the real challenge is in the correct reading of the question…:-)

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