It appears TJ13 was right about ‘the colour purple’: RBR evolve to PRB?

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Judge’s Chambers: Before the big RR launch, news is sparse so rather than clutter up a post with loads of TJ13 site matters, let’s have a coffee, croissant and chat while we wait on Milton Keynes

Jerez: Sorry to rub it in AGAIN. but I will be away in Jerez next week So no news and comment from me I’m afraid. I will try to put another page up (keep your eye on menu’s at the top) probably called judge’s chambers – and when I get some 3G/WIFI I’ll pop up the odd comment/observation.

Judge’s Chambers will probably stay, and all this kind of early morning coffee talk can sit there and not clutter up the posts – what do you think?

Get yourselves to Jerez, Many of you may find the price of going to a GP prohibitive. Andalusia the first week of February is a pleasant place to be. Cold early in the morning, t-shirt, shorts and shades by late morning.

Seriously fly to Malaga, Gibraltar, Seville at this time of year for £60, car hire is not expensive (prob necessary), hotels from 40 euro’s for a double room per night, entrance to the circuit 10-20 euro’s.

Cars on track 8 hours a day. I’m bending Somer’s arm to go next year.

(slick link huh) So please support Somers. His articles will appear in the main blog stream, but he also can be found on the F1 Forensic page. I know some of you are not bothered about the technical stuff – and that’s fine.

F1 Forensic is for those who are daunted by all that – and for whom race engineer magazine may well as be written in aa foreign language. I have tried to explain F1 techy stuff and it is very very difficult to pitch just right. I believe Matt does this superbly.

He pretty much responds to every tj13 readers questions individually. If you wanted a 1 on 1 FOC tutor on matters F1 technical – thejudge13 has it for you in F1 Forensic with the excellent Mathew Somerfield.

Purple: I’ve just looked at the ‘new look’ Red Bull site and there are definite ‘purple’ (broad school term) hues noticeable. and also

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Further, we may possibly do some post race analysis, so getting footage from TV to disk would be very helpful. We think we may be able to get the favour of FOM and copyright matters

If you missed the TJ13 Big Movie production, here it is again – and sometimes second time I see things I missed 1st up. WARNING, for those of you for whom 4 mins and 10 seconds of your life is precious – please avoid clicking below 😀

13 responses to “It appears TJ13 was right about ‘the colour purple’: RBR evolve to PRB?

  1. Ah so it appears the previous article post was correct. Purple means increased infiniti branding. Just look up the car makers website

  2. Hey you know what else can produce those odd shapes I saw on that sneak peak of yours? pearlescent paint effects… shoulda thought of that!

    Congrats on the scoop Judge, and good call, you have for sure got an insider there though, or a friend with an insider, no way that was just from a photo!

    That Red Bull video was fantastic wasn’t it? Well done Red Bull, I really am not a fan, but it was superbly done.

    • I suppose they could use that paint McLaren had or was it TVR? It was read from the front and as it went past it changed colour to blue. (so purple should be easy) All to do with alignment of flakes in the paint.

        • Lloyd, I hate to say it, but that one looks like it’s been taken apart and put back together under hangover conditions. It’s not my aesthetic, so I hope I’m not being unduly harsh. I’ve seen some very fine TVR’s and a neighbor had a beaut of the same model, same purple, but that pic looks kit car unflattering to me . .

          • Sadly missed like so many others. Always a bugger to find until you remembered that the swimming pool was a the end of the road and then the factory was opposite the tip. Not a great trip in the middle of winter (have some photos somewhere) Regrds to PH an electronics genius.

    • Thank you. And more scoops to come. I’ve lost count now – first week of the blog was Jake Humphrey leaving the BBC – a week before anyone else reported it.

      The biggie was Vettel back of the grid – Abu Dhabi, 90 mins before Charlie announced it TJ13 published the news. TJ13 has been hinting about RB suspension being on the border of – prob beyond – legality for weeks now – we’ll see.

      But these ‘reveals’ are what impresses F1 fans. Yet far more important is knowing the pulse of a team. When SKY and the Beeb rock up, everyone is on message. But as I state in the ‘About’ page, having little people – sometimes not that little – free to talk about the culture in the team gives you an interpretative grid to understand the public pronouncements.

      Brackley and Grove appear to not be uber happy places at present, and a couple of meetings I have lined up in Jerez will fill in some blanks.

      Bizarrely, after all the hype, Woking is a very happy place – regardless of the ‘where’s paddy’ game being played at present. However that’s the way they run the team – no stars like Newey – all for one and one for all.

      This is why McLaren will be around long after marketing based companies with gazillions for the best people decide they’ve had enough.

    • My lips are sealed – lives may depend on such operational detail.

      However, I was fairly amused by the hue debates following the video’s release – how blue may look various shades of purple given a,b,c – and to be fair to commentators on tj13 – that’s the point of commenting, to challenge what I say at times.

      We went to GREAT lengths to check the hue – and weren’t too far out.

  3. Hmm, Sauber go for stealth to blend with the tarmac, RBR going the dazzle and nauseate route. Stick of Blackpool rock, is what I think of, looking at the RBR.

  4. Amusing that there is so much hype about Infiniti, a car that is actually marketed in some countries as an Infiniti and in others as a Nissan. And lets not forget that Nissan was responsible for one of the most pointless cars ever made: the Leaf.

    • Car equivalent of VAT 69. Still sold (or was, far beyond its sell by date) in some markets. Up there with Watney’s Red Barrel in unfortunate british branding. I thought Lexus was pushing it, (at the time a die hard MB nut) but their execution was so good they got through.

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