7 responses to “2013 F1 Hokey-Cokey has Nurburgring at present…”out”, Ecclestone banned from twitter, Team #2 Spyshot

  1. I’d be tempted to say that if the German GP doesn’t happen they’d be better moving Spa to that date and having all of August off. Many people are doing other things during the summer anyway – I found I watched more races on catch-up at that time last year than I watched live and it would be a good break for the teams.

    One thing I did wonder, do the various TV deals specify a set minimum number of races, or are the fees per-race?

    • There are guaranteed exposure parameters given to TV and sponsors which will be complex. Force majeur clauses will also be present to get FOM out of jail…say 1 race maybe

      But 20 races to 18 or less would be a material variation which indubitably would give rise to claims for rebates.

      • So in theory this could hurt the smaller teams more than FOM? In that if they lose say 2/20ths of their sponsorship income if two races go AWOL that will be more than it would cost them to contest those two races… Do they get paid ‘appearance’ money, or is it just a fixed amount based on their finishing position last year?

        One interesting effect, the teams entry fees are based on points scored in the previous season. Based on 101 points per race and $5000 per point, the FIA could lose over a million dollars as a result of this… I wonder if they have any come-back to Bernie?

        • Yes, but F1 teams and their sponsors tend to have a fairly close relationship – they will be regularly at events etc…so they may be sympathetic and not enforce clauses.

          I was more talking about Hilton etc who are FOM sponsors and of course the TV companies.- who are 5 times more than FOM’s global corporate partners.

  2. An F1 weekend poll and discussion is a great idea, I like the vibe on here, no one would be made to feel awkward with the usual ‘my driver beat your driver’ silliness, and your continued interaction with us would be a bonus !!

    and I cannot believe BE would ever actually WANT to tweet, it’s not his style at all . . .

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