Bernie closer to being replaced, Haug will not be replaced

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More from Munich: Süddeutsche Zeitung is a Munich based publication that appears to be quite close to the prosecution service that is consistently linked with imminant indictments against Ecclestone for fraudulent activities over the sale of F1’s commercial rights to CVC.

In a rather long winded article which rehashes much of what is now common knowledge, the one thing worthy of note is that SZ asserts that the indictment against Ecclestone is being prepared. Until now, we have been uncertain as to whether the Munich prosecutors will or not issue proceedings.

The probability is that when this occurs, CVC will have to appoint at least a temporary CEO to run F1’s commercial interests until Ecclestone is either acquitted or convicted and the long term position is clear.

SZ further suggests Daimler have something in writing that will ensure this will happen as part of their agreed continuance in the sport.

Here’s an article I wrote about this if you’re not aware of the background to this story (LINK)

Mercedes replacement of Haug: Bild our favourite German publication is suggesting today that the only person capable of filling Haug’s boots as head of motorsport for Merecedes is in fact Christian Horner.

The chance of this happening is about as much as I have of winning $150m on the Euro millions, so it appears the role may be split. A race director for DTM could be appointed in Stuttgart and Nikki Lauda will be left as the conduit with the Englash based F1 team.

On this day in F1, Dec 16th

Lotus founder Colin Chapman died prematurely in Norfolk of a heart attack – he was 54. As the boss of the iconic Lotus team, perhaps only Enzo Ferrari would rank above Chapman in terms of his influence on F1. He was an entrepreneur, designer and innovative engineer who despite limited resources often led the way in taking motor-racing to new levels.

He set new standards for the use of aerodynamics, and replaced the traditional chassis with a monocoque. He developed the wing car and then was a pioneer in the use of ground effects in design. His cars won seven world titles between 1963 and 1978.

His death signalled the end for Lotus, although the decline was slow and heartbreaking to watch. Without his drive, vision and sheer determination, it gradually became just another small team slugging it out with the big boys.

Below Chapman celebrates victory in 1978 Belgium GP

After a ten-month trial in Monza, a judge in Italy dismissed manslaughter charges against Frank Williams and five other defendants over for the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994. Viviane Senna, the dead driver’s sister, said: “The family will maintain, with regard to the verdict of the Italian judge, the same silence which it has maintained ever since the accident.”

The FIA had said that if any of the defendants were found guilty it might be difficult to persuade teams to go to Italy for races. But Rosario Alessi, president of Italy’s motor racing federation, said there was no question of a “generous” verdict. “If there had been responsibilities, then they would have come to light because the judge and prosecutor have been very scrupulous right from the start.”

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