Alonso attacks F1 for misrepresenting

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has once again complained about Formula 1’s television coverage of radio messages, which are broadcast to viewers “out of context” and can sometimes be exploited by the FOM, therefore misrepresenting the situation on track.

At the Japanese Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso complained to his team on the radio that he had been “thrown to the lions” following what the Spaniard described as an early first pit stop, which subsequently hindered him from holding off the Ferrari and Mercedes drivers.

The two-time world champion then asked his engineer to find a better strategy as he lost ground on the track to Esteban Ocon’s Alpine on the straights.


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Alonso criticises F1 for broadcasting “out of context”

At the end of a race in which he finished eighth, Alonso clarified his race-day emotions. Contrary to what the short radio clips during the Formula 1 broadcast suggested, Alonso insisted that he wasn’t angry with his team.

“I wasn’t frustrated with the team, that’s a recurring narrative with the FOM broadcasts,” said the Aston Martin driver. “They often take these communications out of context.”


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He continued, “I’m curious if other drivers, when trapped behind slower cars and still being overtaken even with DRS engaged, simply communicate their satisfaction.

“Personally, I’d opt for motivation and make the overtakes. Even with the DRS on, I was lagging behind. So I suggested an alternative strategy. We made a pit stop and outmanoeuvred them. That’s our approach – to overtake them on the track. But the broadcast seemed to focus mainly on the radio chatter.”


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Alonso explains radio messsages

Explaining the reason for his radio comments, Alonso said: “I was disappointed because I thought we made our first pit stop early. Our pace was better than expected. I was running behind the Ferraris and had a good gap to Lewis [Hamilton] with minimal pressure. However, we made a pit stop on lap 12, possibly to get ahead of Tsunoda, which caught me off guard.

Reflecting on the timing of the pit stop, Alonso said, “The rest of the race felt quite long. With hindsight, it might have been a tactical mistake, but it is easier to judge with hindsight. Regardless, I believe our final position would have been roughly the same, which means that the early pit stop didn’t significantly alter our race result.

Following the Japanese Grand Prix, Alonso is fourth in the Drivers’ Championship, 16 points behind Lewis Hamilton.

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