Horner has a dig at Aston Martin

Aston Martin caused quite a stir in the paddock on Friday at the Hungarian GP with the new rear wing design. Pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz eulogised over the design calling it a “game changer”. Christian Horner yesterday joked Red Bull may return the favour and copy it.

Aston Martin had been accused of copying the Red Bull 2022 car with their new B car launched at this year’s Spanish GP. It was immediately dubbed “The Green Bull”.

Christian Horner and Red Bull Racing then hilariously mocked Aston Martin by supplying their pit lane engineers and mechanics with drinking cans of Green Edition Red Bull.

Have Aston Martin made an illegal copy of the Red Bull

This wasn’t the first time the Silverstone based team had been accused of copying intellectual property when they were Racing Point. Their car in 2020 was nicknamed “The Pink Mercedes” because it took inspiration from the Mercedes 2019 title winning car.

Racing Point were fined $400,000 and deducted 15 points by the FIA.



The new high downforce rear wing Aston have brought to the Hungarian GP seems to be working well and comply with the regulation that there must be a radius on the component by adding endplates as Kravitz described as ‘arm chair rollovers’.

This allows them to square up the rest of the wing similar to the 2021 design and capture more airflow for downforce.

When asked for his opinion, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner replied, “I guess if it complies with the regs, that is the main thing.

“It opens up another avenue which is interesting.”

Horner was positive unlike other teams who have allegedly questioned whether this design is within the spirit of the regulations which are meant to reduce dirty air off the rear wing which affects the following car.

He concluded with a cheeky dig at the “Green Bull car design, ”Maybe for once, we will copy something off an Aston Martin rather than the other way around, so you never know.”



Aston Martin have vehemently defended their new philosophy component and team principal Mike Krack explained how the team had leased with the FIA during its design process.

“When developing a wing or developing ideas, you normally do not wait until the last moment before you show it,” said Krack.

“So we were in touch with the FIA all along the development to understand if this was something that could be accepted, and it finally was, That for us was the moment where we said ‘We will go for it’.

“It is nothing special at the end of the day. It is an interpretation of the rules, we developed the wing according to that, in conjunction with the FIA and that is that.”

The rear wing will have limited use as the high downforce circuits remaining are few. Following this weekends outing it may reappear for the Singapore and Brazilian GP’s.

There is a possibility other teams could protest this component and then be subject to a vote on its legality.

“I am not concerned about a super-majority or anything,” said Krack.

“If the rules change and these kinds of designs are not allowed, we will cope with it.”

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