Images reveal Michael Schumacher after accident in documentary

Michael Schumacher’s fans had lost faith in the prospect of ever seeing their hero again. However, the family of the former Formula 1 champion has just revealed that a documentary had just been made on the life of the driver since his skiing accident in Méribel in 2013.

It is rumoured that unpublished images of the sportsman are likely to be unveiled at some point, to give Formula 1 fans a chance to witness firsthand what he has been through.

On 29th of December 2013, Michael Schumacher’s life changed.


While on holiday in Méribel, the Champion had a terrible fall on snow skis. It could have been fatal, but by a miracle, the former Formula 1 champion escaped. But his state of health was seriously compromised.

And for good reason, almost ten years after the incident, Michael Schumacher is still at home, convalescing. Since then the mystery is still open. His wife refuses to broadcast images of the driver. And only a few people can visit him to make sure that no information leaks out.



But after years of silence and discretion, the family has just revealed some big news. A previously unseen documentary has just been shot about Michael Schumacher.

For the moment, the documentary has no release date:

“The coronavirus has made the situation very complicated. That is why we cannot give a precise release date today and we are still asking for a little patience”, as the filmmakers explained.


It seems that more information is slowly being released about the 7 time F1 Champion in recent months, indeed TJ13 reported not too long ago news about Schumacher’s health from information given by one of his nurses and an Italian

neurologist named Matilde Leonardi. According to her, Michael Schumacher will be awake, but his state of consciousness will be minimal. 

Unfortunately, the news thus far about Michael is rumour and unofficial, which makes this ‘official’ documentary somewhat of a seismic update.


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