Red Bull sells Toro Rosso? Gasly comes out of his silence about Marko

Racing for the Red Bull senior team after his first year in Formula 1, it’s fair to say that the Frenchman Pierre Gasly did not satisfy the bosses of the F1 team, and mainly Helmut Marko – Gasly has since made some remarkable comments about his Red Bull motorsport boss.

Pierre explained in an interview that the Austrian was not completely honest with him, and also believes that no measures have been put in place to allow him to improve his results.

Helmut Marko and Pierre Gasly


“Certainly, Formula 1 is a merciless world where a lot of money and politics are involved.” says Gasly,

“It is naive not to pay attention to what is behind such decisions,

“Helmut Marko had promised me many things, in particular, that the car would be modified and nothing was done,

“I was really frustrated by those six months at Red Bull. I have not been able to fully deploy my abilities and I have not been given the means to do so,

“He [Marko] also told me several times that I will stay on the team until the end of the season. He has not kept any of his promises,

“All this obviously upset me, but I decided to focus on myself. Everything I have experienced this year will be a lesson to me.”


Could Honda quit F1 & Red Bull sell Toro Rosso?

The quotes above were taken from the French publication Le’quipe, and if indeed Gasly had said such statements about one of the highest figures at the Red Bull motorsport division, either he’s very brave (considering he’s still racing for the rebranded Toro Rosso team, now Alpha Tauri, in 2020), or he knows something we don’t.

There are several odd factors here, TJ13 reported not long ago that the announcement for the continuation of Honda powering both Red Bull Racing, and Toro Rosso, was a fairly muted affair with Honda themselves not really contributing anything in the PR stakes. Indeed, it almost smelt as if Honda were seriously questioning their participation in F1 beyond 2021.

It’s worth reading more on that via this link. There was no press release, not a word was said about the period after 2021 by Honda which is frankly bizarre in the extreme.

Couple that, with Gasly’s extraordinarily brash comments about Marko, a character known for sacking drivers without hesitation, and we have a rather odd situation at the Red Bull powered by Honda teams.

Could it be that Red Bull might be seriously looking to consolidate its efforts in F1 by dropping Toro Rosso after 2020, knowing that it’s likely Honda will pull out of F1 in 2021?

Rumours were rife a couple of weeks ago that Mercedes might end up simply becoming an engine manufacturer in Formula 1, and sell it’s team to a private buyer. Read more on that here.

And if that should happen, we could see McLaren return to Mercedes works status. Only the other day, Mercedes boss Wolff was on record saying that he believed McLaren would be fighting for wins in 2020 and beyond. READ MORE HERE

Further, it was rumoured that Red Bull have also been offered Mercedes engines in 2021 with the potential Honda pull out in F1. 

If Red Bull does sell Toro Rosso, it could be down to the fact that they would need to find another non-Mercedes engine supplier. We indeed are entering into a potential ‘interesting’ situation with the manufacturers in F1.



Watch UK British Prime Minister do a pit stop for Red Bull

No more introduction needed….  today Boris Johnson was a guest at the Milton Keynes HQ for Red Bull Racing F1 team.

Some in the UK might say, “Don’t quit your day job”, but in this case it might just be better overall if he did…




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