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F1 2018: Who is the best driver of the season?

TJ13 comment: The internet can be a nasty place, and sometimes the deviant will enter the real world. The UK saw this before when apathy toward the regularity of Simon Cowells X-Factor TV series would ensure that whichever contestant won the final, would always reach number 1 in the UK singles chart.

Well, those unofficiated with early 90’s punk metal band Rage Against the Machine at the time, sure knew who they were in 2009 when an internet campaign started on Facebook made Rage’s song ‘Killing in the Name’ number one that Christmas.

It seems that a similar tactic based from Reddit and a few other groups on social media have ‘trolled’ Sky Sports F1’s driver poll for the end of 2018. Also likely being some budding internet savvy users employing bots against Sky.


Perhaps due to many non-UK and non-Hamilton fans resenting the fact that the media giant has published said poll before the end of the season!

Right now, none other than Russia’s Sergey Sirotkin is number one with a paltry 13 thousand vote lead over 2nd place Lewis.

Fans huh?


Doctors confirm Sophia Floersch’s successful operation

Sophia Floersch underwent a successful seven-hour surgery operation on Monday following the spinal fracture she suffered in a horrendous crash in yesterday’s Macau Grand Prix.

FIA president Jean Todt announced earlier today that motorpsort’s governing bod would conduct a full investigation into the circumstances and reasons for Floersch’s aerial crash.


New images of Macau, the moment leading up to Floersch crash

Shocking footage reveals near miss by the German driver – READ MORE


Carlos Ghosn, architect of Renault Formula 1 return, to be sacked


Nissan and Renault chairman Carlos Ghosn, a key supporter of Renault’s Formula 1 programme, is set to be sacked amid allegations of financial impropriety.

In a press conference on Monday Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa said that Ghosn is expected to be sacked later this week.

“I will call a board meeting to make a proposal to remove him from the position of chairmanship and approve it,” Saikawa was reported as saying by AFP.

“The partnership among the three entities will not be affected by this event, rather we will closely work together with all the partners to contain any possible confusion.

“Looking back, the concentration of power was something we need to deeply reflect on.”



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