Breaking: New images of Macau, the moment leading up to Floersch crash

There have been many images of the crash in Macau itself, but no clear pictures or video explaining the reason behind the young German driver’s launch from the apex kerbing, resulting in the horror smash.

Fortunately Sophia (17) was very lucky with only relatively light injury, but still requiring some surgery to her spine due to a fracture. Incredible considering the impact speed was around 170mph.

Today, further footage has emerged showing how the car went out of control in the first place, having made contact and loosing a wheel near the braking zone for the slow and tight Lisboa corner.

Many have made calls for the track to be changed and redesigned, and many more have demanded the circuit be left as is, citing it as the ultimate challenge.

Let us know in the comments at the bottom if Macau should be continued to be raced on.





Shocking slo-mo footage: Injuries to drivers & trackside staff – Macau GP following horror crash

During the Macau Grand Prix featuring Formula 3, the van Amersfoort car of Sophia Floersch was launched into the air over Sho Tsuboi’s car and flew over the barriers and into a photographers bunker at barely abated speed, having lost its wheels in a crash earlier down the straight.

The horror crash

Footage of the incident showed that Floersch’s car ended up back on its wheels, and the race was stopped immediately. Macau Grand Prix organisers have confirmed that Sophia Floersch is conscious and has been transferred to hospital.


A statement from the organisers said that both Floersch and Tsuboi were concious and had been taken to hospital.

Three further individuals, two photographers and one marshal, were also involved in the accident, with them also being transferred to hospital.

TJ13’s thoughts are with all individuals involved, wishing for a full and speedy recovery.





More footage has emerged from the grandstands via Twitter





Slow Motion footage



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