Kubica revelation about Ferrari deal

For the first time the Pole Robert Kubica admits what has been rumoured for years: Yes, he had signed a contract with Ferrari and should have been 2012 in the side of Fernando Alonso in red.

February 6th, 2011 changed everything in the life of Robert Kubica. The pole, celebrated Formula 1 star as Renault works driver, suffered life-threatening injuries at the “Ronde di Andora Rallye” in Liguria.

It took an hour to get him out of the car. The first of 18 operations lasted seven hours.

“People always talk about my arm because it’s my biggest handicap. The fact is: I had to fight for my life, ” says Kubica.

“I had broken bones on the right side, from the foot to the shoulder. The many breaks were the reason why it took me so long to recover. Although his arm was pulled worst in compassion. ”

Countless Formula 1 fans are convinced: Kubica, with Sauber GP win in Canada in 2008 plus finishing fourth in the drivers championship, was about to make a breakthrough.

Fernando Alonso describes him today as the “most talented driver I’ve ever driven against.”

For years, the rumour was that Kubica had signed a contract with Ferrari to drive at the side of his friend in red. Now Kubica, who works at Williams as their reserve driver, admits it.

In an official Formula One podcast, Kubica says that he actually wanted to cancel his participation in the fateful rally, but he promised the organisers and did not want to let them down.

Robert was the driving force of the event. Kubica confirms: “I wanted to drive because I knew – the next year I will not be allowed to do that from my next racing team.”

When asked if he had signed for Ferrari for 2012 to be on the side of Alonso Grand Prix Kubica says: “Yes.”

Kubica renault testing 2017

Kubica’s plans at the time could well be justified after clarifying what he wanted out of motorsport.

“The first goal was to make it into Formula One. Then I wanted to establish myself, I wanted to make a good name for myself.

“This is more difficult than becoming a GP driver.

“The third goal: to become world champion or to be a Ferrari driver. I could not win a title and I did not become a Ferrari driver – but it was close. ”

Kubica admits:” Knowing that I was supposed to be in a Ferrari, but stuck in the midst of numerous operations instead, was more painful as the aftereffects of the interventions. ”

Kubica also reveals, ” There were times when I recovered amazingly well, and then I was thrown back six months because an operation had gone wrong. ”

Many fans still wonder: Why did Kubica want to rally at that time?

The 76-time GP participant answers: “It was not about the fun. I wanted to be a more complete driver. I wanted to find something that other Formula 1 drivers might not have.

“I wanted to improve.

“I thought rallying could give that to me, and he did. The problem is that I paid so much for it. ”

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  1. What could have been. The off track antict of paid drivers always amazed me. If your job let’s you drive really fast cars and let’s you enjoy the best things in life then why in god’s name would you risk it all in a non event?

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