Driver of the Weekend: 2016 FORMULA 1 US GRAND PRIX


Who was your driver of the 2016 United States GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

19 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: 2016 FORMULA 1 US GRAND PRIX

  1. Fred. Still the best total package out there. What a driver. I would miss him in f1 when he’s gone. But I’d love to see him do a 24 hours race in a (competitive) lmp1 car

    • +1

      Fred is still a class act. Racecraft by the truckload.

      I want to believe that McLaren will get it together next year and give Fred a decent buggy, I really do. If nothing else that #BelieveInMcLaren thing casts doubt though – quit the talking and do some walking. I mean WTF Suzuka?

      • My theory is that it is Honda who’s behind all the ‘Ron Dennis will quit’ business or rather it’s what Dennis did that makes Honda take actions in trying to get him to piss off. If Honda was allowed to give a second team an engine and get back double the data they wouldn’t been this far behind.

      • Not sure I would call those last two passes as classy. To me those were hard, rough and equal to what other drivers received penalties.

  2. Kimi for a superb bit of reverse parking even if the team could not be bothered to come out to meet him to fix the wheel. The Italian press will hammer them for that and someones head may roll. Farrari are supposed to have passion not indifference. Alsono v Massa and Sainz? Very lucky to escape two penalties from Stewards. They must have gone home early.

    • I’m with you on the luck to escape a penalty or two.
      Not sure how Rosberg gets dinged in Malaysia for causing a collision, yet Alonso escapes after causing damage to Masa.
      Unless of course it comes down to the weekly inconsistencies that are the stewards.

  3. Alonso. Still the most complete driver in F1. Looks like the Dutch fans haven’t arrived here yet.

      • FIA Idiots, voting between lap 3 and checkerd flag, what did they expect?

        To be honest, Verstappen did have pretty good papers in getting the DotD until he made himself Dumbo of the Day. Keeping Vettel behind him, 2 beautifull passes on Jenson and Kimi, and having a blistering pace allround.

        I hope they reinstate the old voting system, opening the votesystem after the race so you can judge the whole race before you make a vote count. The way it is now its worthless.

      • Apperently 25% of all votes for the ‘official’ poll, come from the Netherlands. That’s what I heard. Every race… The effect is like the crap at Eurovision. Popularity trumps quality (sometimes).

      • If only the Dutch fans give a monkey’s he’ll win at every race. That is the trouble will letting the public vote – they don’t behave the way ‘you’ want them toon – look at Brexit! The BBC changed the voting for their ‘sports personality’ contest as they did not like some of the people the public were voting for. You can now only vote for a preselected few chosen for politically correct reasons. So unless the FIA set up a short list on merit for each race it will be Max all the way.

        • The Netherlands has an broadband internetpenetration of around 94% of all households, 85% of the complete dutch population own a smartphone, penetration between the age of 12 till 39 is a blistering 96% and from the age 40 till 59 it’s around 87,5%.

          So yes, they make use of them, and offcourse chauvinism will act up, especially when a sport is concerned that is about passion and emotion. Human beings are easily triggerd into emotion, look closely at the next picture from COTA’s broadcast, and it doesn’t stand on its own, the amount of ‘product placement’ and creating atmosphere by FIA broadcasts is huge and in my opinion the real cause of the issue here, people are prone to that stuff, not just the Dutch.

          Reading the dutch forum’s nearly all commentators are equally bafled that Verstappen won DoTD, the consencus is that he was not deserving. In a way this the TJ13 pole confirms this, with the high internetpenetration they could have easily put Verstappen on pole here to, like we’ve seen before, like someone stated before, they have a strong straight forward opinion, if Verstappen messes up, they will judge you with critisism. Maybe even more so then in other countries.

    • At least one big Max fan has arrived – me. And I voted for Sainz, though it was a tough one since Alonso had a magnificent race too. That Verstappen was chosen DotD at the F1 site is ludicrous, maybe because people had to vote during the race and did so very early? Anyway: totally undeserved. Should have gone to a Spaniard.

  4. I voted Lewis, as his performance over the weekend was pretty faultless with the exception of his silly media statements. If I was voting for driver of the day I’d certainly have gone with Alonso though, still the best driver in F1, even if his in car comments are pretty scathing at times.

  5. I’ve put it on Sainz, yes he had a pretty fare share of luck going for him, but keeping Massa behind him with a STR with no tyres, and nearly ending before Alonso was a great result.
    Alonso almost got it, but the last two passes on Massa and Sainz? A tad to much for deserving a DoTD.

  6. I’ll have to say Sainz.

    Lewis was flawless, Alonso was stellar, but for me the Toro Rosso had no business being where it was.

  7. Definitely MV until he made the stupid pit … and the reds Team of the Weekend for leaving the wrench in Kimi’s alloy 😀

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