#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO D’ITALIA 2014?

Lewis Hamilton 2014 ItalianGP Winner

As the curtain is drawn on the 2014 Italian Grand Prix how would you rate the race? Let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments below.

126 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO D’ITALIA 2014?

  1. Clearly we know what the punishment was that Mercedes had in mind for Nico. Intermittent sabotage of Nico’s brakes until Lewis passed. Wonder why it didn’t happen again, after Lewis passed.

    Fact: Lewis caught Nico, but couldn’t do anything about him. Nico was managing Lewis well.

    Fact: Nico went straight at turn one, twice, whilst Lewis was following.

    Fact: The first time wasn’t enough, but the second time ceded position.

    Fact: Toto smiled immediately after the second sabotage. Favouritism is clear.

    Fact: Going on at T1 for Nico didn’t happen again. Funny that. Job done.

    Join the dots on that. Hmmmmm.

      • Can’t take it away from Hamilton, cracking racer. Wonder what will happen when team tells him to back off to save engine and he keeps on drilling it though… Another instance of disobedience?

        • No disobedience there mate, his engineer said to him…

          “Ok Lewis, we reckoned the race will be at the end, suggestions is, we sit 2-2.5 sec will need the tyres in the end”

          Operative word being “suggestion”

          Maybe if he had followed that suggestion, he’d be standing on the 2nd step with everyone praising Nico for a fantastic drive

    • Btw, here’s a couple more facts you forgot to mention…

      Fact… Start of the race, Lewis suffers RS technicality at the start of the race, dropping him down to 4th

      Fact… Nico ran straight on at T1, whilst being chased by Massa

      Fact…Lewis chased down a 2+ second lead after his pitstop and cut the gap to .5, (that’s despite being told to hold back and hold a 2.5s gap)pressuring Nico into a 2nd error.

      Biggest fact of all, Lewis won!

        • Pathetic if you really think that way SiS. Why you keep denying the fact your anti-Hamilton is beyond me IMHO.

          The first time Rosberg missed the corner he could have gifted the lead to Massa. Up until that point it wasn’t even clear if Mercedes had a .5 sec advantage on Williams (keep FP2 in mind).

          • @Alex

            Never said I was not anti-Hamilton. In fact, in my pioneer article, at the end, I openly state I don’t support him. What you may be confused about is when I defend myself from being accused as a rac|st or reverse rac|st or crypto rac|st.

            It’s possible to see flaws in Hamilton without being rac|st. For example, I dislike race fixing… And that’s, I guess, another thing Lewis has added to his skill set and has arranged with Toto.

        • So you’re saying that merc told Nico to deliberately lock up his wheels, so as to make up for Spa.

          So by that reasoning, did they know he’s an expert in locking up his tyres deliberately based on the evidence of Monaco?

          Show me the evidence that it was deliberate and then you can talk. Until then, it’s HAMMERTIME!

          • Hold up there Hamilfosi… Wasn’t it you who was telling us all that Nico could lock his wheels to create the Monaco incident?

            First he can, then he can’t. *sighs*

          • @Paul

            I’ve never said no such thing. What I’ve said is what I heard after watching Peter Windsor Monaco debrief and also his half season report. Where he stated, that he was categorically by people within the Mercedes team itself, confirmed that what happened in Monaco, was intentional.

            Btw the way, my avatar name is Fortis96, please acknowledge me as such as I do you.

    • Bergy boy can’t handle the pressure. Notice how after the race he was waving to the crowd in an attempt to get them on side, and then on the podium speaking in italian to the fans to get more cheers – he’s trying to up his PR game and is fearing he does not have the support of fans. Who has won this psychological battle I wonder? Bling bling has his card marked – ie. britney cant take me on in wheel to wheel races 😀

      • You’re right about everything there – none of it is news though. Nico’s had a bad few weeks.
        If he just tries to hold on and scrape in for the WDC he’s screwed. Likewise, he’s toast in a straight fight.
        He needs another Monaco “incident” to regain some momentum.

    • Atleast we know SiS is no Hamilton hater…..

      Why would they bother telling Rosberg to attack in the end (same message as Hamilton received 2 laps prior) if this was a disguised teamorder.

    • Don’t really buy the conspiracy theory stuff, normally its Hamilton fans at it, its somewhat ironic they’re the ones saying no so this time.

      Granted its odd that Rosberg was the only person in a non shit car to run through that chicane (?) And twice at that!

      Even so though, I’m not sure that was any kind of fix. Lewis looked faster all weekend to me. Its just a shame we never got a race, it was the premature ejaculation of Motorsport.

      • “Granted its odd that Rosberg was the only person in a non shit car to run through that chicane (?) And twice at that!”

        No surprise as far as I’m concerned. Britney and Bozo systematically lock up in practice and quali, outbraking themselves and missing the corner, and obviously they’re getting better at it and we had the honor of seeing it done properly in the race. No surprises here..

      • Too right, the irony cuts both ways too. Normally its the anti-hamilton brigade saying the conspiricy is rubbish its just a mistake/racing incident, and now they are all over it. Its all a load of shit, the only things thatsseemed slightly whacked all season to me was Monaco, and even then I’d not be surprised at irrefutable evidence of it being nowt.

    • Some punishment, if they really mean to punish him they should have engineered a DNF for Nico.

      Keep rising Lewis…

    • Or just Nico bottled it as soon as Hamilton got in the DRS zone. Then once Hamilton passed him the pressure was gone.
      This constant fishing for bites off Hamilton fans is getting pretty boring now to be honest. You’re better than that

    • Clearly we know what the punishment was that Mercedes had in mind for Nico. Intermittent sabotage of Nico’s brakes until Lewis passed. Wonder why it didn’t happen again, after Lewis passed.
      Fact: Lewis caught Nico, but couldn’t do anything about him. Nico was managing Lewis well.

      Fact: Hamilton caught Rosberg in the first stint despite having to stress his tyres considerably in going from 4th to 2nd.
      Second stint, he was in DRS range within a handful of laps.
      If leading by 0.7sec, having lost 0.6 sec lead the previous lap is “managing” your teammate, then you have a strange grasp of English.

      Fact: Nico went straight at turn one, twice, whilst Lewis was following.
      Fact: Rosberg massively locked up at Spa and destroyed his tyres (and has, like many others, a history of locking up multiple times this season). Bizarre that he would seek to avoid a repeat of that…

      Fact: The first time wasn’t enough, but the second time ceded position.
      Because it’s clearly impossible that a driver would make the same mistake twice when under increasing pressure ?

      Fact: Toto smiled immediately after the second sabotage. Favouritism is clear.
      Fact: not all coverage is contemporaneous; Wolff alluded to this having been told of the conspiracy theorists after the race. If you’re going to propagate conspiracy theories, checking your ‘facts’ is a sensible start.

      Fact: Going on at T1 for Nico didn’t happen again. Funny that. Job done.
      Fact: pressure was off after the pass.

      Join the dots on that. Hmmmmm.
      Hmmmmmm…You joined the tinfoil brigade ?

      • Holy geez, I didn’t even read this comment thread ’til now. Anti-Hamilfosi taking leave of their senses, my word.

        Lewis has had the pace on Nico, on the hards, all season. At the second mistake, he was 3 laps into his stint, thinking that if he flat spots the tire now, and has to pit again (as he had to at Spa), that he’d drop back to 3rd or even 4th. That’s why he was going on about the “nice gap!” in the cool-down room … he realized that he likely could’ve pitted and still been 2nd in the worst case of trying to make the corner and flat-spotting, b/c Massa finished over 20 secs back of him.

  2. appalling race-fixing at Merc and RB.

    Toto’s shit-eating grin told the story when ROS “missed” the chicane. That was a blatant fix.

    Call bovine excrement on RB as well. 40 laps RIC is nowhere and suddenly VET forgets how to drive? That was Germany 2010 all over again.

    Felipe on the podium was the only redeeming feature of this farce.

    • I agree Fat Hippo. It’s clear enough… That was sabotage and of Lewis wants to win that way, well it speaks volumes. That was fixed, Toto’s smile was saying as much, taunting Nico, but without saying it.

    • Lool so it was also a fix to get lewis to have a shit start and tell him to get past the guys in front to get behind nico and then nico will make a mistake at the first chicane, consequently letting lewis by? Ladies and gents SIS and FH have finally lost their marbles! You can’t handle HAMMERTIME!

    • After RBR’s blatant teamorder Vettel picked up the pace again….. Oh no he didn’t, he nearly lost his P6 right at the end.

      • He was given a strategy that required him to run 33 laps on one set of tyres even though he was still running better times than his pursuers at the time. he was called in ridiculously early which dropped him from 5th to 15th and left him on shit tyres late race. That’s as close as you come to blatant sabotage. He was faster than RIC all weekend bar the last 10 laps of the race – guess what happened. Fucking mercenaries – my days as an RB supporter are over.
        Heck I’ll even support McLaren if Vettel goes there.

        • Was he not brought in early to undercut Magnussen? I doubt Vettel would have passed him if Bottas was struggling. On the BBC, Horner said they were splitting their strategies, as Ricciardo couldn’t have undercut anyone, and at the time it looked hard for Ricciardo to even come through for 6th place behind Seb in the end. But then, the degradation took a turn for the worse.

        • Yeah I was v dissapointed in RBR bringing Seb in way too early. By the time Ric got there Seb had nothing left to fight with.

        • Seb was brought in early so he could stay ahead of the Merc powered Mclaren’s. And guess what…it worked brilliant. It was a risky undercut but it worked very well.

        • I know I am new around here, and picking a fight with FatHippo is not the brightest move, but here we go…

          FatHippo, you are convinced that RB is favoring DR, and shafting Vettel, so much so that you are ready to write the team off as a whole, yet support Vettel fully.

          So you admit that RB is capable of favoritism to the point of throwing races.

          Well then I say to you sir, that you must admit this didn’t start with the first race of 2014. This has been going on at RB for a long time. The difference now is that it’s not Vettel getting the preferential treatment, it’s the new guy. There is no way in hell, anyone who follows the sport, could argue that Vettel was not given prefferential treatment over the course of the last 4 years. Red bull didn’t have the fastest car-S, Vettel had the fastest CAR. Webber was there to hold up the pack for him.

          The jury is still out for me on Vettel.
          Everyone is entitled to an off year. He’s only 26, having surfed a wave of success since he was a teenager. Failure is a tough lesson to learn, and as far as I am concerned, he still has some growing up to do. I have worked with some highly successful people, whom also gained international success in their late teens. Much like gymnasts whom go though puberty much later than normal because of the extreme stresses put on their body, I think your emotional growth can be stunted by outside forces like success and fame, and all the stress that puts on you. Beeber, Cyrus, I don’t think I need any more examples.
          Am I comparing Vettel to them, No. I don’t think Vettel is like that, I am just saying, not being the center of attention for the first time in 6 years, as well as not having a better car than his team-mate, is an all new experience for him, he has never had to deal with it before, ever.
          Personally, I will give him some time. I think he needs to grow up, in a lot of ways he is still about 20 years old.

          But let’s face it, maybe he isn’t quite as good as driver as everyone thinks he is. Time will tell.

          As far as the mercedes “fix” is concerned, I think ClearView nailed it in another thread. The penalty for sliding through the chicane is maybe 2 seconds. The penalty for locking up the front wheels and flat spotting the tires is a pitstop. Maybe Nico just isn’t too good with the stop pedal, and he chose the lesser of two evils. Just because the FOM feed showed a video of Toto smiling right after the incident, doesn’t mean it wasn’t tape delayed.

          I’m ready for the body blows….

    • If that was a fix, then Mercedes are still going to be in trouble when the gloves are off between those two. Or the non conspiracy view is Rosberg buckled under pressure twice, as he did earlier in the season when being chased by Lewis etc I’m on the fence about this one (it’s made out of adamantium so the fat hippo can’t knock it over 😉 )

      Also you can understand why RB would want Riccardo finishing above Vettel, he needs the points to help if the extremely slim chance of him being able to have a shot at the title pops up, if Rosberg and Hamilton cause each other not to finish races etc

      Suffice to say one racer placated today, storing up trouble for another day.

    • “appalling race-fixing at Merc and RB.”

      You’re a sour loser Fat Hippo. Britney lost it under pressure (and as I mentioned in a comment earlier, it’s not the first time this season that Britney and Bozo blatantly overbrake themselves; just think of Britney’s flop in Canada, in almost identical circumstances), while Der Finger got himself spanked once more by Danny Boy.

      Seb ate his tires way too much way too early, went for the undercut which was good tactics to get in front of the K Man train. But Colgate Boy clearly conserved his tires well, changed tires one of the latest, and had fresher tires for the end of race push.

      Sure it’s all fixing that Danny Boy has won all 3 RB wins this season, is it not? And after Multi-21, are you seriously suggesting that Seb would nilly-willy give any track position, especially to his team-mate? Talk about credibility..

    • I must confess to being impressed by the mind reading abilities of some here.
      I couldn’t work out whether Toto’s expression was one of relief at his two drivers having avoided a coming together on track, plain satisfaction, or an ironic grin.
      I’m glad to have that sorted out for me.

      • Thing is.. we don’t know what was going on. It may have been a joke someone told him just when the camera focused on him… Jeeze us F1 fans are suckers for a good conspiracy theory…

        I saw a comment on facebook re this and the guy said something like if Merc wanted to fix the race why did they not just get a wheelgun man to do a slow stop… he’s obviously not been watching every time Hamilton has a slow stop.

        I don’t really care what goes on, I just want to see good racing and this year that’s what we are seeing. Bar the two Mercs it’s a proper scrap behind them with outstanding drivers. Riccardo is brilliant. K-Mag looks like he is finding his feet. Perez is getting racy again and so is Kvyat… awesome 🙂

        • Likely the smug grin was due to the guy they’ve spent so much money on finally got ahead of their (unofficial) No 2.

        • We do know what was going on.

          Wolff also said that a television image showing him smiling after Hamilton took the lead was misleading.
          He said: “First of all, it’s not live. So whenever the camera’s with you, the signal comes later. So it wasn’t synchronised with the picture.
          “And I feel like Big Brother is watching you, I will hide in the engineering office next time! No, there was a smile, it was when the two were closing on each other and it was a smile that said: ‘Here we go again in a close battle.'”

    • The grin was not a proof of race fixing. Moreover, I can’t even believe that Nico “you owe me one” Rosberg would possibly go along with such a plan. Wolff’s grin did reveal perhaps on which side of the garage his heart belongs.

  3. Thank god for Perez and Button because that was dull dull dull. No battle for the lead, Williams not even trying to race Merc (again) and too much DRS making passes seem as eventful as basketball scores.


  4. Great racing up and down the field. Although at a push I’m pro Hamilton, those 2 mistakes by Rosberg were a little suspicious also we have to think that if Nico pulled out a 36point lead people would be less inclined to make a point of watching the rest of the season as it would be near impossible for Lewis to catch up and the WDC would be a forgone conclusion. That would impact viewing figures which in turn affects the exposure for sponsors and that is not good for the team’s or F1 as a business so Mercedes have a duty to keep the championship alive.
    That’s for the conspiracists out there, I’d like to think though that Lewis won fair and square.
    The Jury is still out I’m afraid.

  5. Steady guys – please stick to the subject and do not attack each other… remember I’ve got a bet riding on Lewis not winning the WDC.

    For the Hamilfosi – sweet revenge if Lewis wins… for those who don’t support… I may have to take one for us guys 🙂

  6. Well done Lewis, keep up the good work and you never know…

    Especially with the double points 😃

  7. SIs: love the “wind up”!
    HAM: has the momentum now
    ROS: mistake last race and amateur lock ups this race. $200,000 fine alledgedly, losing support from Toto,
    – it’s an uphill battle for him to win the WDC in my opinion.
    RIC: legend in the making.

    • @DomVeto

      Wind up?

      Now I know how Mandela felt…

      Well send me to an internet Robin Island if you need. Sure, I’ll crush those metaphorical rocks under the oppression of the Hamilfosi, but I will speak the truth about this apartheid race fixing. All will chant “Uhuru for SiS!”, “Uhuru for SiS!”, “Uhuru for SiS!”.

      The truth will come out and I will be freed and lead TJ13 into a new and bright future. Hamilfosi and nomal fan, hand in hand, with no race fixing.

      Now all I need is a TJ13 Rugby team to win the World Cup and unite us. Then it’s sorted, isn’t it?


  8. What a little sense of honour in Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. Seven years without a title and they always had some of the best drivers around (Alonso, Kimi, Massa).

    The one who allegedly decided new wind tunnels were not needed, who is responsible for all the engineers that have been hired or fired during the years.

    And yet, today, in Monza, one of the cars DNF and the other one finishes in 10th position.

    A new era is in order and it has to start with the top management.

    I cannot understand what Alonso is doing committing to Ferrari, whose track of dog-cars is unparalleled.

    They are not but the 5th team in the grid after Mercedes, Williams, Red Bull and even Mclaren. Shall this regression continue, next year Force India will have a better car. They will be behind Toro Rosso in 2016. Maybe, when they finish behind Marussia, Luca will step down. The sooner, the better. Please.


    • Allied to a certain tweet from Adam Parr about 8 teams, 3 cars next year.. might have to dig up my ‘nightmare scenario’ from F1F which I wrote for this outcome.. final question being, Sauber bought by Stroll or Lotus to stay on the grid?

    • Just read it on Formula1.com, with ‘private reasons to spend more time with his family” being sighted.
      Some weird and mad sh!t gonna go down over the winter, with a bit of luck we will have plenty to keep us bizy over the off season.

  9. Absolutely loving this! First Lewis recovers beautifully from a sh*t start to pile the pressure on Nico and consequently forcing him into a mistake and going on to win the race. Then Nico tries desperately to get the fans on side and also tried to play mind games and isolate Lewis in the room by talking to felipe in a different language and to the mercedes team member lol. Oh and anyone notice how when Lewis was complimenting the team after qualifying yesterday in the press conference, nico tries to jump on the bandwagon by also mentioning the team – Nico’s been spooked.

    And to top it all off SIS and Fat Hippo are behaving like a couple of pre pubescent teenage girls and crying foul on how the team made nico make a mistake to let lewis by in the race! You couldn’t make this up! Nico can’t handle HAMMERTIME, and it seems SIS and FH can’t either 😀

    Chin up ladies, it’ll all be better in the morning 🙂

    • Guess it doesn’t bother some ppl to support a driver complicit in a race fixing scandal with a biased boss. If he’s so fast, why couldn’t he pass on track? Toto gave the order, twice, and allowed Hamilton to win. WDC competition ended after Belgium, and Nico won. Sparkles can have his race fixed trophies. Funny how learned journo’s are asking Toto this very thing, as if he’d admit it. It’ll come out one day.

    • “Nico’s been spooked.”

      Of course Nico’s been spooked – Mercedes have spent the last 2 week spooking him! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team go as far as to attack their lead driver like this, and unsurprisingly, it has had an effect.

  10. A 9.
    I mean battles all over. Overtakes without DRS (or without the benefit as the other car had his wing open as well).

    And I love the unforgiveness of the Tifosi.

    Was there a double meaning to alesi’s first question?

  11. After watching this race I know why I no longer am a fan of F1. Rosberg’s “punishment” for Spa wasn’t to say he was sorry or give money to charity, but allow Hamilton to finish Monza head of him. The race was irrefutably fixed by M-B who made a clear decision that Hamilton was to finish ahead of Rosberg.

    The whole “sport”, whether it be the FIA,FOM or the teams reek of corruption. The sooner the entire thing collapses the better.

    • Then what will you watch? What will you have to comment on?

      Don’t get paranoid and make silly comments. Everyone knows Nico has a problem with how he takes ‘chicanes’, he prefers to straight line them instead of taking them like everyone else.

      I bet you wouldn’t have made that statement, if despite that error he went on and won the race, you’d be rejoicing how he drove brilliantly and anything else you could think of. Let it go mate, sour grapes.

      Maybe Mercedes also told Nico to tell the gathering press, that he cracked under pressure, just so as to cover up what they have done.

      • Having watched and gone to F1 races for 40 years, I don’t think I can every remember a larger collection of morons who “follow” F1 than Hamilton’s fans. And I include you in that group.

        • Moron, I’ll take that as a compliment, I’ve been call worse

          But you still haven’t answered the questions I asked.

          When the sport collapses, what will you watch and what will you comment on?

        • “Having watched and gone to F1 races for 40 years” – makes it all the more sad that you’re behaving like a petulant child with your childish threat saying you are no longer a fan.

          This race has brought out the nutcases people!

        • So here we have an unscientific poll of all the anti-Hamiltonites lurking around on TJ13, in addition to @cavallinorampantef1, @FH and @SIS..

        • @cavallinorampantef1: “Having watched and gone to F1 races for 40 years, I don’t think I can every remember a larger collection of morons who “follow” F1 than Hamilton’s fans. And I include you in that group.”

          having watched f1 for some twenty odd years, i feel the same about the anti-hamilfosi brigade on this blog. at first i thought the hippo was just a typical german f1 fan, but apparently, it’s an internetional phenomenon.

    • @Cav:
      Although I feel the same about a collaps being probably what the sport needs, I can’t relate to the rest you (and Hippo and SiS) wrote.

      Actually, I’m astonished about all conspiracy theories floating around. And as with all conspiracies, they’re undeniable but also without real proof.

      I guess Red Bull was in on the Mercedes one too, because they used their satellite team to ‘proof’ that is entirely possible to go straight there.

      Come on. The way someone smiles, someone who is not know for his poker-face (‘deer in the headlights, it was yesterday) someone who is uncomfortable with being filmed at exactly that moment?
      Uh he just giggled like a fokking teenager, that’s not proof!!
      *succesfully fought urge to rant on in capslock*

    • @Cav

      Agree. It’s after races like these that one questions why they watch a sport with such clear fixing. Singapore 08, Italy 14.

      Gotta keep the title alive, by all means nessecary I suppose. Gotta justify the copious amounts paid to Sparkles le fixur’.

  12. Judge, you are unusually quiet today compared to the aftermath of other race days. What’s your input?

  13. Conspiracy theories:

    Every crime has to have to opportunity and motive. The opportunity was clear, but motive quite unclear. MB has a driver 29 points in the lead, signed for a new contract, considered more of a team player and quite competent in the car. If anything, MB, if they truly didn’t care about the driver’s feelings and happiness should simply have said,

    “Lewis, sorry mate, but it’s not your year, the team comes first and we’re going with Nico”.

    It is logically the easier route to victory.

    Furthermore, Nico was given first choice on tyre change, given instructions on how to manage the race for a chance at the end and no radio instructions to duff the corner 2x over. This means that MB would have to said prior to the race…

    “Nico, just in case Lewis duffs the start falling 4 places back with an engine mode problem, you are to miss Turn 1 as many times as necessary to let Lewis by without another racing incident….oh and by the way, keep a happy face about it, speak in Italian because we know how much you prefer the fan’s respect instead of winning the WDC”.

    If you believe this, I currently have in inventory, a bridge here in Toronto, that will be built sometime in 2033 for sale. I promise to give you a reasonable price.

    IMHO, Nico cracked under pressure, just like I sated he did the previous race and in a huff/without thinking said he wanted to prove a point. No conspiracy here, just two drivers locked in the most intense battle for victory here s#*t is flying and people get hit in the face.

    Confession: I am Hamofsi or Hamilfosi or whatever, however, I do hope that people consider my analysis fair and objective despite my obvious extreme leanings. ; )

  14. Two more comments. It would be interesting if The Judge were to conduct a poll on whether Nico’s mistakes were a result of MG conspiracy or not.

    Somebody kindly ask Alesi to retire from doing the post race interview. I have a Yanni/Death Metal fusion CD from the 90’s somewhere I’d rather listen to than him.

  15. gave it an 8 because of the tension at the start with lewis falling behind and clawing back the victory. also the battle for 4th was quite entertaining at times. but very disappointed at magnussen penalty when button did the exact same thing a few laps later (dont remember against who) and he didnt get a penalty. of course great track and great atmosphere are pluses.

  16. Every Hamilton win (if that were to actually happen, nigh impossible) from now on will be fixed then, good to know.

    So the 6-figure fine was not really a punishment, that much is plausible as drivers earn 7, possibly 8-figured yearly salaries. But Nico has absolute political supremacy in the team, Toto is on his side acting as his Cerberus while Nico even managed to muzzle Hamilton’s pit bull (not Roscoe), Hamilton is more isolated than ever and is seemingly already looking elsewhere for a drive. Yet Mercedes would choose to compromise their lead-driver’s race for him, yeah right.

    Nico has his WDC sealed anyway, today doesn’t make an iota of difference in the destination of the WDC. It’s just funny reading SIS calling foul on today’s incident because when it’s Hamilton who makes himself look like an utter idiot he’s on here to detail every single aspect of what a waste of a driver he is. Favouritism from Toto ? Towards Hamilton ? Which driver got a contract extension ? Yes, that’s the driver Toto wants to keep, and Mercedes would actually agree to engineer a win for a driver they don’t even want to keep. Sure enough, Hamilton’s not in a position of power within Mercedes.

    Nico choked when it mattered the most, only this time Hamilton was in range to capitalize from it, not like in Canada where Nico could just accelerate back and set the fastest lap or even Spa where he could harpoon Hamilton’s rears, get away with just a broken wing, score points for himself over his title rival and prove his point. The only surprise in today’s race was that Nico actually did choke, there is 0 pressure when you’re in the lead : the pressure comes when you’re running behind the driver you want to beat.

    • But Merc have caused this persistent storm and it a’int going away anytime soon.

      They ‘let Hollywood off’ for disobeying a team order – and disciplined Rosberg for ‘a racing incident’

      interestingly – I heard, but can’t confirm – that Nico on one of his installation laps picked his way through the polystyrene bollards at turn one…. bit of practice?

      …..you lot are just too much….crack me up… 😎

      • Judge you’re in the one percentile of people who thinks it was a direct disobeying of team orders.

        But anyways, 2 cars finished the race in Hungary and the team didn’t lose out on big points, only 1 finished at Spa and his ‘racing’ incident cost them a certain 1-2 finish and 25pts.

      • @TJ13
        “They ‘let Hollywood off’ for disobeying a team order – and disciplined Rosberg for ‘a racing incident’”

        You nominally might be right, but you’re looking at it via the wrong lenses.

        In Hungary Bozo did not foolishly obey a team-order (which is different from disobeying a team order), but in any case he didn’t touch the Merc’s toys at all. Hence minor incident from Brackley’s perspective.

        In Spa Britney while trying to make a point foolishly “provoked” a racing incident, and damaged the toys. (We may debate that incident all night, but I’ll go with Matt’s opinion: it was a racing incident, bordering on Nico being at fault.) That, my dear, is major for Brackley.

        I’m not sure what gets you stumped..

        • ….because it was a racing incident and team mates collide every year – I remember no other “Deutschland Discipline” having been declared to the world elsewhere this year or in recent memory.

          • @TJ13
            Sure, but what do you make of this?

            Also, keep in mind that Merc is for the first time in championship winning position in the last 50 years or so. And that the three stooges are better keeping us entertained than at managing Saint Ross’ creation..

          • …..Oh yes indeed they are…. However, if we didn’t analyse their nonsensical decisions, then we couldn’t have fun in the comments.

            I actually thought Lewis did a fine interview with Pinkham for SKY yesterday. No gangster glasses – could see his eyes and that he was being genuine – came across as very likeable too….

            I just call it as I see it – no prejudice here… #FeelingTheLewisLove

    • Peter windsor seemed to indicate there was a document at Mercedes that showed them Nico Rosberg would be a more profitable WC for them, which seemed to surprise him (me too). Anyone have any opinion on this, as, like Kimkas suggests, this would then seem ridiculous to race fix.

      I think, like every other conspiracy this year, this one is bollocks.

    • “there is 0 pressure when you’re in the lead : the pressure comes when you’re running behind the driver you want to beat.”

      No that’s not correct. Lewis was closing in and applying massive pressure after the pitstops.

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