Daily #F1 News and Comment: Tuesday 27 August 2013

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Alonso sees bad luck for Vettel as his only chance to win the Championship 12:51

2014 options for Van der Garde, none for Frijns 12:51

Lotus found the cause of the problem with Kimi’s brakes 17:07

Hamilton will keep pushing Vettel 17:45

Lloyds-owned LDC to invest ‘millions’ in management buyout of Silverstone 21:30

Kimi Saga Continues: McLaren could be interested 21:58


Alonso sees Vettel’s bad luck as his only chance

In an interview with Brazil’s Total Race Alonso said Ferrari needs to win 3-4 races in a row and someone take Vettel out or he needs experience technical problems. This is the only way Alonso sees himself overcome the 46 point deficit he has to Vettel.

I left Monza last year with 41 points more than Vettel. It shows how quickly things can change. But for this, we need to win three or four races in a row and have someone run over him at the start, as happened to me, or technical problems.

Vettel has built a substantial lead in the championship and while he does not have to win each race, he just needs to ensure no one else romps away with consecutive wins. The problem Alonso has is that while he, Hamilton and Kimi is chasing Vettel, all Vettel has to do is focus on getting on the podium while the other three take wins from each other.

One thing we cannot forget is that Vettel is practically racing on his own now, Webber will not help him. With technical problems hitting Webber’s car the odds for it to happen to Vettel’s car is very low.

What else can Alonso do to win the Drivers Championship?


2014 options for Van der Garde, none for Frijns

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that Giedo Van der Garde has some options available to him for the 2014 season. His management Jan Paul ten Hoopen and Jeroen Schothorst have named three possible teams they are working – Sauber, Williams and Force India.

De Telegraph speculates Sauber and Williams could be good options because of the funding associated with the driver through his sponsor McGregor.

While nothing is said about current team Caterham it is anticipated they want to get Heikki back in to help them develop for 2014 and Pic will keep his seat due to the Renault connection. Van Der Garde is not worried at the moment though, “It makes no sense for me to already be thinking about next season. There are still eight races to go“.

Another Dutchman whose career seem to be over before it started is Robin Frijns. Sources of De Telegraph claims Sauber will not take up their option on the racer and when asked Frijns responded, “I have no idea. I have heard nothing, I know nothing“.

While Frijns is regarded as a real talent in the paddock his future is limited due to the fact that he does not bring any sponsorship with him so is there any of the larger teams willing to take a chance on him? Maybe his comment about Red Bull treating their drivers like dogs will come back to haunt him.


Lotus found the cause of the problem with Kimi’s brakes

The kings of social media, Lotus F1, has found the cause of the problem with Kimi’s brakes…

Lotus #evidence


Hamilton will keep pushing Vettel (BBC)

Hamilton said he will keep on pushing Vettel for the F1 title this year even though he admits Vettel will be very tough to beat and has a phenomenal car…

He has just had a phenomenal car for a long, long time and it’s still phenomenal and he does the job, so it’s a perfect package. But we have had some really strong races and we’ve been competing with him and we have finished ahead of him in the past so it doesn’t mean we can’t do that in these next races. But it is getting closer and closer to the point where we need to be finishing ahead every time to close that gap.

It will never happen but imagine Hamilton and Vettel in the same team…


Lloyds-owned LDC to invest ‘millions’ in management buyout of Silverstone (Telegraph)

Private equity firm LDC, owned by Lloyds Banking Group, is in advanced talks over spending “millions” on backing a management buyout of Silverstone Circuits, which promotes and hosts the British Grand Prix.

They previously owned shares in Marussia which they sold at a profit so as with most private equity firms, there must be money to be made in the Silverstone deal.


Kimi Saga Continues: McLaren could be interested (Autosport)

Zwolle kindly pointed us in the direction of this story.

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh believes Kimi Raikkonen is “determined” to leave Lotus, and has hinted his outfit could be tempted to sign the Finn.

The article continues where Whitmarsh admits they were interested last year and could be interested this year however Whitmarsh ‘sense’ Raikkonen will not be successful in getting another team. Asked whether McLaren could approach Raikkonen, or vice versa, Whitmarsh said: “Yes, could be.

Whitmarsh then says both Button and Perez ‘deserves’ another season particularly as the car failed to meet expectations. “They’ve [Button and Perez] been fantastic ambassadors and I think they deserve another go with us next year.”

Well well, let us distil Whitmarsh’s comments. He says they could be interested in Kimi if he is available, which he is but they have not yet approached him. What we are seeing here is more of a “hurry up” for current race drivers Button and Perez.

McLaren is admitting they have given the drivers a dog of a car but expect their drivers to do more with the car and should they not then their seats are not safe. Hamilton is faster than Button so for Perez to be slower than Button… McLaren really need a fast driver.

Another angle, is McLaren perhaps sending a message to potential sponsors saying if you don’t pay up in time your man may not be with us next year?


19 responses to “Daily #F1 News and Comment: Tuesday 27 August 2013

  1. Luckily Frijns is called Robin, and not Robert…..

    And I think he has more talent than Guido van der Garde.
    I really hope Robin will get a drive in 2014.

    Talent before Money please.

  2. funny how we all like it when drivers speak their minds and tell it how it is like Webber and Raikonnen, because its refreshing in the stale, groomed, and corporate environment of F1. It seems that actually this only works when you are in a top team, as Frijns just seems to being tarnished with the whinger brush for it, despite the fact that his comment that the Red Bull young driver program is a dead end, is so far bang on the money.

    I grant you its not a smart move on his part for his career, but its funny how a lot of the media and commentors on site are turning on him for speaking out. Despite the fact it daft for their careers, surely, we’d rather more did it?

  3. how does webbers car being hit by technical problems decrease the odds of this happening to vettel? unless you are suggesting that red bull is giving all dubious, new or untested parts to webber and none to vettel.

    if alonso could get piquet to crash for him, maybe he can suggest to the higher ups at ferrari that they threaten massa into running over vettel. webber would probably also be willing to do the deed, maybe that is why he is always having trouble with his clutch.

  4. I’d dare to bet that the chances of Frijns getting a drive next season is bigger than for van der Garde….. we’ll see, and I’ll collect my beer next season, ok?

  5. Bad news for Ferrari; Whitmarsh has openly declared on Autosport McLaren wants to have Kimi as well. I wonder which team will eventually sign him. I think both Ferrari and McLaren would be great, just as long as he doesn’t re-sign at Lotus…

  6. “Hamilton said he will keep on pushing Vettel”

    The English educated Hamilton probably doesn’t realize that to push someone you have to be behind them. I sure Vettel will be quite happy for Hamilton to be behind him for the rest of the season.

    Face facts Hammy. The advantage Mercedes got from the illegal tyre test is gone and you’re slipping backwards. I expect to see Lotus ahead Mercedes at Monza and you’ll be back to where we were before the illegal tyre test.

    • Give up on the tyre test for God’s sake, they were already tipped to win Monaco, Lewis was rompping home at Silverstone till tyre blow out and Rosburge inherited the win and then on totally untested tyres in Hungary Lewis dominated, how exactly have they had any true benefit from the Pirelli test, they been workin hard on tyre managment anyway, so can we please forget it, or shall we talk of the 2 tyre tests Ferrari have done this year, with a 2 year old chassis and this year’s aero package, how is that nor cheating, also after the 1st test they went on to win in Barcelona and soon after the second test the get 2nd place at Spa. Nothing gained there then. Makes me laugh how Merc got an advantage but Ferrari didn’t? Plus merc had to run the car on a single set up for the test where as Ferrari tried different aero packages and set ups. Are the red team invisible

      • Are the red team invisible? Cry babies like Dancing Donkey see their red cars even with eyes closed as images are tatooed inside their eyelids.

      • “with a 2 year old chassis and this year’s aero package,”

        Considering that this years aero package won’t fit on the 2011 car due to the change from pull-rod to push rod suspension in 2012 nullifies your argument.

        English site = Hamilton fanboys. What else is new.

        • Cav have you not been round when Red Bull got the short end of the gavel? And Hamilton had his share as well…

          I don’t sign up as a Hamilton fan, nor Alonso nor Vettel. I want to see the best cars and the best drivers slugging it out. And yes, some times teams push the boundaries of the rules but that’s to be expected. Red Bull is doing it, Ferrari did it, Benetton did it, blimey, I’d be disappointed if all the teams don’t do it!

        • New? Well, certainly not your rhetoric anyway.

          So can I just ask, IF mercedes win from now on, especially if they look quicker than the rest (and yes I am saying IF), are you going to shut the hell up about the tyres finally?

          • “are you going to shut the hell up about the tyres finally?”

            Obviously still a sore point with the Hamil, I mean Mercedes fans. To answer your question, if at Monza either Mercedes wins and Alonso and one Red Bull finishes I will.

          • Surely, its from Monza onwards? I mean, I know so far we have had a load of moaning goal post shifting so that when Merc did well it was ‘the test’ and vice versa, but surely if the advantage is gone, its gone from now on right? Excellent, thats all I wanted to hear.

            Its not a sore point really, its been clear for many months you are only really interested in making antagonistic statements, and I’ll admit to being curious about whether you are an elaborate internet troll who has a great time trying to wind folks up, or whether you spend your whole life this angry. I half hope its the former for your sake, I mean, why keep coming here and making yourself this grumpy? Life’s too short man. Hence being interested to see if there was any point of agreement or negotiation could be reached, trolls don’t as a rule negotiate.

            And go ahead, I’m not a mercedes fan, I am a Hamilton fan, I think I have explained that before.

          • I don’t like this ‘troll’ business.

            I disagree with what Cav says here, and on many other posts too. But labelling someone a troll is just wrong when they have a consistent gripe about something they believe to be unfair.

            This is F1. The sayings ‘if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying’ and ‘its only cheating when you get caught’ were probably invented by the piranha club by way of defense at an FIA hearing.

            We have fun here, intersperced with the occasional strong debate (or small row). I enjoy this. I don’t enjoy name calling.

            In my opinion, the only thing which compares to being a ‘troll’ is to feel comfortable labelling someone with the title.

            Were all entitled to opinion, and expression of same. Even if it does feel like a broken record occasionally 😉

          • @Colin, I think I understand your opinion of me, sorry about that, but we can’t win them all.

            However, frankly, the guy flat out has a go at English education higher up, and its not the first time he has just lain into ‘hamilton fans’ as if everyone is just a knuckle dragging moron who enjoys watching him race. back through Cavs posts, and see how many times he just picks out something about Hamilton or ‘mercedes fans’, he knows a lot of readers are, and it is never presented in a even mannered fashion, its clearly just an attack. I have never seen a post of his without some kind of derogatory slant on it since I have been coming here.

            I’d like to think we do have fun here, but I will show him respect when he does likewise because frankly its been a little lacking. Trolling is an act, an act I strongly suspect may be going on here, and I don’t use it lightly, its a shame you think that makes me equally bad.

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