Castrol GP Predictor Summary – Montreal 2013

Brought to you by Adam Macdonald

There is now a 3 week wait for another GP, so a more eventful race would have been preferred but alas not.  At least it gives everyone more time to think about who to go for next time out when F1 arrives at Silverstone.

 On the Up

Ted’s Terriers has a great weekend gaining 11 places to go into 4th position in the league.  This was much down to the strong show from the RBs and a Sutil 10th position.

Montreal 2013 - Ted's Terriers

This week’s most improved was Merkiddies F1, gaining 13 positions, with 45% accuracy.  More performances like this will see the team shoot up the table.

 Montreal 2013 - Merkiddies F1

One to Forget

Terrible Traffic and Fastest Frenchie dropped 12 and 13 places respectively.  They’ll be hoping to bounce back next time out.

Our resident F1 Forensics expert, SomersGP didn’t have such a great week either dropping down 17 places.  This was due to 6% accuracy, with the only points picked up for Alonso picked as finishing first.  The Red Bulls finishing higher than predicted, along with Paul Di Resta’s poor qualifying meant an unfortunate weekend.

 Montreal 2013 - SomersGP

The only way is up

Quattro has slipped to 58th in the table, after dropping a further place.  An Alonso win was predicted for Quatrro’s home GP, but a poor qualifying has already put pay to that!

It was also the home GP for 1500 quid Porsche, Canuck F1 and Boundary Slayer, with only the latter enjoying a productive weekend gaining 10 places.

Nobody saw it coming

JEV finishing as high as 6th was a turn up for the books.  He sprung a surprise on almost all of us; especially considering his teammate finished a lowly 15th.

Furthermore, a Mark Webber fastest lap shook everything up.  Vettel did go purple in his first sector of his final lap, however, he was persuaded to take it easy after 3 words from Rocky, his engineer.

“Monaco, 1988, Senna.”  For once Sebastian was halted; a changing man?

Food for thought

The mysterious disappearance of the Lotus pace has shaken up the order of the grid.  It’s never a good feeling to be lapped, so when Vettel lapped Räikkönen, there really must have been a sinking feeling inside the cockpit of the Finn.

Also, the lack of progress must really be worrying for all at McLaren.  Whilst there was never going to be an overnight fix for their handling issues, they weren’t at the races on Sunday!

Remember when…

In this section there will be a question each week to test your memory from GPs gone by. The idea is not to look it up but see if you can remember it first!

Sunday saw only the second time Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have been on the podium together.  When and where was the first time?

Last question’s answer

The question was:  How many Finnish winners of the Monaco GP have there been?  Who were they? And what years did they win?

Answer: 3, although a slight trick question.  Whilst Nico Rosberg holds a Finnish passport he races under a German Super Licence.

The 3 are Keke Rosberg (1983), Mika Häkkinen (1998) and Kimi Räikkönen (2005).  Below is a video of Kimi in 2005.  He even  looks happy at the end!

6 responses to “Castrol GP Predictor Summary – Montreal 2013

  1. Re : ” …. Vettel did go purple in his first sector of his final lap, however, he was persuaded to take it easy after 3 words from Rocky, his engineer.
    “Monaco, 1988, Senna.” For once Sebastian was halted; a changing man? … ”

    I don’t think it was Rocky’s three words that stopped Vettel. I think it was due to a backmarker coming up to be lapped.

    p.s. I had predicted Grosjean to gain most places because he had a known 10 place grid penalty. After his poor qualy meant he would start last, I was confident that I had 5 points in the bag. However, alas, Grosjean let me down as he didn’t deliver on the day!

    • Me too. Though that was before di Resta’s disastrous quali, if I’d known that was coming I might’ve gone with him instead. And don’t get me started on Massa’s inability to keep it between the white lines…..

  2. It appears my recovery from utter uselessness has been stalled into mediocrity – down 2 places from 28-30.

    I did have a moment of inspiration and select Webber for fastest lap – my first of the year.

    Sutil’s antics let me down as I had him for 6th, which without riddiculous stewards decisions and a silly spin he would probably have managed.

    I boldy predicted Jenson for ‘Nil pointe’ and had Sergio 10th, so 5 points there.

    Other than that, I well over estimated Lotus abilities (KR 5 and RG 8) and I have to say I’m concerned they have peaked and will only slip backwards here on in.

    I know when its my turn to fix the F1 results and score 160 points – you’ll all be impressed. (Waiting for the call from Luca)

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