Melbourne, Australian GP: Rate the race

Apologies that we didn’t get this out following the Australian GP, but we want to capture the whole season so better late than never – we argue 🙂

To establish a historic database of which races people thought were the best and worst we are launching this pole. Try not to vote upon how well your driver or team fared.

The criteria should be as an F1 event to watch, how good was this. Maybe think about the best 5 and worst 5 races you can remember and then score this race accordingly.

I’m fascinated to hear why you score the race as you do. Please leave a comment to explain your decision.

3 responses to “Melbourne, Australian GP: Rate the race

  1. As Janice used to say – “O,ll give it five”! It was a fair start to the season with a promising outcome for the fans. Team orders played here too with Massa being got out of the way by his team to allow Alonso the undercut – what a horrible term and one which seems to mean different things depending on which pundit is using it!

  2. As an Australian I love that the F1 season starts at ‘home’. This year the racing was close, fast and full of tactics and strategy. It felt more like a mid-season race than the first. Sets hopes high for the year ahead.

    • Hi Chantelle.

      Really want to make it to Melbourne next year, so here’s to hoping we can grab a coffee – but I will have to erase your memory afterwards 🙂

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