Honda to roll out ‘spec 3’ Power Unit for Russia – more power than Renault


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Translation: Honda F1 is rumored to introduce the “spec 3” engine currently under development at next race F1 Russian GP. According to the performance of the F1 engine which

Auto Motor und Sport analyzed based on the GPS data, at the present time Honda’s F1 engine is calculated to be 715 horsepower and it is said that it is still 15 horsepower inferior to Renault’s 730 horsepower There.

However, according to the magazine, Honda is working hard to fill up the difference, and reports that introducing the “spec 3” engine at this year’s October F1 American Grand Prix. The new specification F1 engine has upgraded to about 750 horsepower by about 35 horsepower increase, which is higher than Renault.

Although Ferrari’s F1 engine is 790 horses, Mercedes is inferior to 780 horsepower and still 30 to 40 horsepower, Toro Rosso, and for Honda’s F1 power unit from next season it is an encouraging figure.

And this week, Ziggo Sport ‘s Jacques Pruie says that he talked with both Honda and Toro Rosso staff, Honda F1 will introduce the “spec 3” engine at the next race Russian Grand Prix (September 28-30) Coverage.

When introducing the specification 3 engine at F1 Russian GP, ​​Toro Rosso · Honda’s Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley will start the race from the last by the engine penalty.

However, at the F1 Japan GP which is Honda’s home country Grand Prix to be held at the Suzuka Circuit the following week, it will not be penalized.


Kimi Raikkonen: Ferrari driver’s manager reveals how Sauber deal was agreed

Kimi made an approach to Sauber when he learned his time at Ferrari was up, says the Finn’s manager Steve Robertson.

“Kimi had a meeting with them first and then he handed over to me,” Robertson told C Morelle.

“They were interested and Kimi made it clear that he was interested.

“Then he gave me a job and we did as we did throughout his career.”


Stroll exit a ‘moving target’ for Williams

Williams are in limbo over their driver line up as they have yet to learn “where and when” Lance Stroll will end up.

“It is a bit of a moving target at the moment (around Lance),” Williams told Sky F1.

“We’re going through those conversations and waiting to see where and when he’ll end up.

“It’s more about what happens at Force India than it is about us. We’re going race by race.

“Lance and Sergey are here for us and I’m sure they will be for the next race too.”

4 responses to “Honda to roll out ‘spec 3’ Power Unit for Russia – more power than Renault

  1. Who did the translation for the Honda engine piece Herr Google?
    Did anyone read, or even look at it before posting?

  2. Working out horsepower by looking at supposed GPS data (over 1 lap, 2, or all race?) is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, does it take into context the tyres, Nd especially the fact that each teams car has different aerodynamics, and different gear ratio? It’s really stupid even more so because each engine manufacturer has different amounts of torque. Ferrari could be high torque low power, and Renault maybe has most power, but a week turbo and not enough torque. No one knows, to extrapolate from GPS data (where did they obtain it and how did they analyse it is never told.) people fall for it though.

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