Hamilton to own Man U

While some fans find it is impossible to imagine the Formula 1 world without Lewis Hamilton since his debut in 2007 and after seven world championship titles, but the fact remains that he is closer to 40 now and is actively seeking a career after racing. Indeed the British driver has had little to do with football, the national sport of the UK, but that could change now with a serious bid to own the world-renowned football club, Manchester United.

The English tabloid, The Mirror, confirms the reports within the paddock that the Mercedes driver is part of an investor group that wants to buy Manchester United. The global brand, currently third in the English Premier League, is currently owned by the Glazer family. The American’s bought almost all the shares of the “Red Devils” between 2003 and 2008, owning 98 percent of the club.




Glazers ready to sell…

After having ruled out a sale for a long time, the family is now said to be ready for talks. Despite the astronomical purchase price, which is estimated to be well over the billion-dollar mark, the first interested parties are said to already exist. According to the British press, Hamilton is one of them.


Despite an estimated annual salary of around 50 million euros, the darling of Formula 1 cannot afford it on his own. The most important contact for Hamilton, and the head of the investor group is Sir James Ratcliffe. The billionaire, who is the founder and boss of the chemical company “Ineos”, is no stranger to the Mercedes driver.



On the contrary. The two British men have known each other for years. Ratcliffe and his company own 33 per cent of the Silver Arrows Formula One racing team, Hamilton’s employer. When Ratcliffe, who is privately a Manchester United fan, caught wind of the fact that his favourite club was up for sale, he used his clout to get a prominent face to join his group.


This is not the first time Hamilton has tried to buy a football club. Last year it became known that he wanted to buy both Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC as part of an investor group but without success.

In the past, Hamilton explained his motivation to the Mirror:

“I want to be a club owner more and more, because I think there are far too few black team owners in sport.”

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5 responses to “Hamilton to own Man U

  1. A good sign that someone is being paid a ridiculous amount of money is when they can spend millions on something which is like flushing it down the bog and still not be worried about the heating being on for more than one hour per day or who in the house needs that last slice of stale bread …..

  2. It seems that LH is putting a few quid in, the bulk of the money from billionaire Sir James Ratcliffe.
    Your headline of Hamilton “owning” Man U is deliberately untrue, a deliberate lie.
    Huh, journos.

  3. We (Fans) want an owner or owner’s who are going to invest heavily in this behemoth club… Who can afford to and want to take us where we belong, at the top of the tree. We don’t want penny pinchers or woke prima Donna’s trying to stay in the lime light as their careers end nears and using others wealth for that purpose. We have had years of the Glazers using this great club as a dividend cash cow, we do not want this again.Jim has done little or nothing with Nice. Albeit in a lovely place to moor his yachts… We need Apple, Google Musk or Arab money. These are the only type of investors capable of meeting our expectations.

  4. according to hamiltons own words, he is not wanting to invest in Man U because he’s a fan it’s because there is not enough blacks involved. I am not a footy fan, but I can see a future footy game with a ‘demanded’ load of race and colour related rules. I pity the game…..

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