Leaked: Innovations to Ferrari and Red Bull cars revealed

Before Formula 1 starts the new season with the race in Bahrain on 3 March, the teams still have a lot to do. The racing teams’ new cars, which will be presented in early/mid-February, are eagerly awaited. The first details from the Ferrari and Red Bull camps have already leaked to the public.

With Aston Martin, Ferrari and Alpha Tauri, the first three Formula 1 teams have already announced a launch date for their new vehicle.


Fans of other racing teams will have to be patient until they know when they can admire the cars for the new seasons.

Ferrari set this date for 14 February, at Red Bull there are no indications of a concrete date yet. Nevertheless, the first details about the new cars of the two racing teams have already leaked out.


What’s new at Red Bull and Ferrari?

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the new Scuderia car will not be a revolution of the previous season’s car, but merely a further development.

The reason: In 2022, Ferrari showed that the F1-75 was quite capable of challenging and defeating Max Verstappen. The fact that this did not happen was due more to the many mistakes in the race strategy, not the car. For this reason, the Scuderia wants to keep the basis of the F1-75.

According to the report in the Italian sports newspaper, however, the new car has about 30 hp more under the bonnet and has a “new aerodynamic concept”, which is indeed a “big change”. A new gearbox is also supposed to make the car more competitive in order to increase the pressure on defending champion Red Bull.



Red Bull planning in Formula 1

The Milton Keynes-based team, on the other hand, will reportedly enter the 2023 race with a car that is around three kilograms lighter than last year. At least that’s what renowned technology specialist Paolo Filisett believes.

“The design will have a strong resemblance to that of 2022, but characterised by a refinement of the ‘double floor’,” the Italian motorsport expert is quoted.

A change has also been made to the transmission of the car, which improves the function of the Venturi tunnel, which is narrowed by a new arrangement of the suspension elements.



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