Red Bull to supply Mercedes F1 power unit customers

Red Bull to supply Mercedes Formula 1 power unit customers – Mercedes AMG F1 have indeed had a significant influence over the FIA since the introduction of the V6 Turbo hybrid era began in 2014.

This includes not so veiled threats to withdraw from the sport have been numerous usually when Toto Wolff et al have been disapproving of FIA regulation proposals. However, the appears to be a power shift under way.


Firstly, Wolff and Mercedes bullying tactics over ‘refereeing decisions” in Abu Dhabi have clearly cut no mustard with the FIA, despite the Stuttgart owned team threatening to drag the World Motorsports regulating body through the legal mire for most of 2022.

Further, there is a new kid on the block and FIA president. Mohammed Bin Sulayem has reverted to type; the type of no nonsense boss that was Max Moseley or Luca Di Montezemolo, rather than the insipid – try to please everyone and please no one – Jean Todt.

Within hours of Sulayem succeeding to Todt’s throne, he called out Lewis Hamilton for failing to attend the mandatory FIA end of season gala, and stated the Brit must be penalised for breaking the rules.

The nature of this penalty is yet to be revealed. Though Sulayem has stated he has attempted to contact Hamilton several times but without the courtesy of a response.

I put it simply, Mercedes AMG F1 influence looks to be on the wane.

Firstly, Daimler Benz the primary shareholder has sold down its interest in the team to just 30%. The furore Wolff and the team caused over the Race Director’s decisions made in Abu Dhabi has perturbed the global auto manufacturer who merely want to promote a positive image.

The somewhat petulant outbursts and pressure tactics from Wolff have not gone down well in the boardroom in Stuttgart.

TJ13 believes Daimler Benz will sell their remaining 30% during 2022, and insist the new owners change the team name for 2023, dropping the Mercedes Benz brand.

Secondly, Wolff has played a repeated winning hand with the FIA, based on the fact that they are the F1 power unit supplier who supports more customer teams than anyone else. The threat of Mercedes withdrawing from F1 would mean the other suppliers could not – and stated so – fulfil the 10 team grid requirements.

Step up Red Bull.

Having taken control of Honda’s UK based performance engine unit, Red Bull have now become supplier of F1 power units, and in effect the Milton Keynes based team is now a full works F1 outfit.

Sources in the team suggest to TJ13 that for 2023 Red Bull they are prepared to supply power units not only to Alpha Tauri, but to a further 2 customer outfits. This could be extended to a further customer team in 2024.

This collapses the grip Mercedes AMG F1 have on the FIA and the commercial rights holder. One example of this being the recent demands from Wolff for a speedy investigation and report into the sporting decisions made in Abu Dhabi.

The FIA have curtly responded stating that their findings will only be revealed on the first day of practice at the first GP.

This nullifies the Mercedes propaganda that suggested Sir Lewis would only race in 2022 if Michael Massi was sacked. Now he’s forced to decide without any such assurances from the FIA.

Finally, should Lewis Hamilton wish to win another WDC with Mercedes Benz, he will probably be forced to come out of hiding and commit to the 2022 challenge, because beyond that there may well be no more Mercedes Benz F1 team.


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    • I always seem to get thejudge13 in my google ads after I blocked the Dutchy pages. Ridiculous articles

    • On the engine, other teams will look forward to what the possibilities are but as of now RB are completely unproven with the new spec. Other than that a fairly biased speculative article like everywhere else.

      • Well RBR used less engines than Merc…. who supercharged Hamilton’s title hopes when they realised after a 10 grid drop for the first extra engine – it was just 5 for the rest after that. No wonder he was quicker in Abu Dhabi.

        Yes it’s exploiting the regulations to the Max (pardon the pun) – or also by some known as cheating.

        • Your bias is almost crippling you.
          We know MBz ran their last few engines on higher duty cycles, knowing their engines degrade some % over the engines life cycle.
          Your “article” is akin to a tweet-longer from a RB fanboy who can’t understand than Max did win the championship under his own skill and talent and nobody questions that; what people question are the ways in which we ran the safety in the last laps. Something we’ve never done before. I don’t like finishing under red flags either, that rule should be reconsidered as well so a ‘last lap shootout’ would be planned for and welcomed by all.
          Also, I never come across an established columnist/writer who argues with people in the comments. Kinda degrades from the whole experience, doesn’t it?

          • Wellhink TJ13 is a first. But, I think you need to broaden your horizons, check out Joe Saward, he’s been at it longer than me and he’s pretty robust in the comments section when people talk bollocks.

            You having never come across anything – or finding something that is a first – clearly indicates your life experience is limited – but hopefully growing x

  1. Is it just me or is this page extremely biased to one side:P Just saying based on the past few articles I’ve read:P

      • Red Bull/Honda just won the WDC in case you didn’t notice. Beating the ‘greatest F1 team of all time’.

        • I think you’ll find they didn’t win the WCC which shows which is the best TEAM. They won the WDC thanks to the FIA nothing else dumbass

        • But did they beat them really, or were they given an advantage they accepted? 2022 will tell for sure if Maximus is a better driver or not. May after 7 titles he can claim he’s better.

          • Stats don’t really compare. 7 titles in this era is way easier than in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s

            I saw an article somewhere demonstrating Max lost quite a lot more ‘no fault of his own’ points than Lewis. So maybe RB/Honda overcame a significant disadvantage Lewis didn’t have.

    • Max fan clearly and anti Merc. Hamilton was robbed and Masi screwed up. That was NOT a racing finish. Not with LH on old tyres. The result was manipulated as evidenced by some backmarkers unlapping and not all. That’s BS and everybody knows it.

    • Gotta be the most arrogant & ignorant “article” of the day. Woefully inadequate and speculative.

  2. I don’t understand this article. Headline suggests that that mercedes powered teams are to switch to red bull – “red bull TO supply…” But the article states “…prepared to supply” but there’s nothing you’ve written suggests they will supply, just informally that they could.

  3. Where. Are. Your. Sources.

    This is a really cool tactic called just saying something, it’s a pretty much blatant lie for click bait, you should be ashamed, you insult the field of sport journalism with this BS

  4. You need to check the difference between ‘incipit’, and ‘insipid’, which, incidentally, is precisely what your poorly written and biased article is.

    • What an Utter load of garbage it’s hilariously bad. Blatantly biased but also full of complete made up trash. Pathetic to be honest

  5. Great fiction here, 90% made up with no facts to back up anything mentioned. Didn’t think I’d see breaking news about RedBull becoming an engine supplier in an anti-Mercedes, anti-Hamilton news article. More likely RedBull will develop the Honda engine until VW group enter in 2026 to supply them with either Audi or Porsche engines.

    Also, I highly doubt the new FIA chairman would alienating their biggest asset and undo all the good work F1 has done to grow their fan base over the last 5 years. Please check with an adult before posting future.

  6. Tell me you are a Red Bull & Max fan boy without telling me you are a Red Bull & Max fan boy.

    Incase you aren’t aware, journalism is MEANT to be neutral, being so biased to one side is not journalism, it deserves to be on a reddit fan opinion thread.

      • And here-in lies the reason behind the constant diatribe against Lewis, Toto and Mercedes….
        the Judge”, who is an apparent Lewis fan, has hit upon something that boosts his ratings and will just keep churning out the shit

  7. There’s a persistent rumour that Williams will find a way out of their M-B contract and move to Red Bull for engines / gearboxes. Aston Martin are considering building their own engines. McLaren are being courted by VW to take either an Audi or Porsche engine. I wouldn’t be surprised to see M-B sell out and become just an engine supplier in the short-term and exit F1 altogether when the new engines are introduced in 2025 / 26

  8. How biased are you numb nuts, same sad drivel as the express, F1 shot itself in the foot and the American circus think it’s a soap opera and the drivers names are their stage names, I think Lewis would have won the championship if he’d concentrated more on his driving and not BLM

  9. It’s still really funny to read the comments of the upset and angry Sir Whinington fans 🤣🤣🤣 what a bunch of salty wankers, get over it and suck it up, if he’s really the GOAT he will win 2022WC, but, deep down inside y’all know he won’t.

    • Nearly as funny as all the max fans getting angry even tho he won 😂😂 because you can’t bear everyone knows his win is a fraud and will forever be tainted. Still enjoy your one fake crown Lewis has 7 pure one’s

      • As you clearly have joined F1 recently and believe all the official media circus has to say, you won’t know there are serious question marks over Hamilton’s first title, where another driver – his mate – handed it to him at the last corner in Brazil. Massa was the real champion that year.

        • Blocked from my newsnow feed. I’ve seen some pricks in my time, but you make a cactus look smooth. I fully advise all others to do the same.

    • They provide us with super charged website rankings every time they spill their silly fanbouy nonsense

    • He’s been there and done it ,F1 has gone down the pan and he can walk away with his head high ,not like you , slither away RB gobshite

      • And where have you been, seen and done it?

        Oh of course…. I see…. it’s slagging of other commentators right here. The pinnacle of your motorsport participation I guess.

        • Not talking about me sludge 13, talking about the gifted Hamilton more talent in his dog than you by the sound of it, sad old sludgy 13,ha reckon you’ll start an argument in an empty room, but you’ll make me laugh so keep it up sludge 13 te he

          • You’re obviously bored – or live alone on a desert island – cos you keep coming back for more. Mucho Gracias

  10. Once upon a time Ferrari was the big bad wolf running F1. Now it’s Mercedes rocking the boat. What a load of horse xxxx! F1 has been dying on its feet for years. My lifelong hero SIR Stirling Moss loved the sport ’til the day he died but even he said that F1 was not a sport anymore – it’s a business! In the sport’s Diamond Jubilee year SIR Jack Brabham said that F1 was ‘too easy and too much money’. Even SIR Lewis has said the sport is full of bilionaire playboys. This is now a business controlled and governed by Corporate Americans and Saudis. Fi used to be a largely European affair. Not for much longer. Silverstone will go first!
    I hope Lewis will stay with us another couple of years but I fear he is paying the price for his political activism AND for speaking his mind.

    • Spot on John Ruggles, I agree with all you say, masi has his 30 pieces of gold and should just clear his desk and say goodbye to the circus 🎪

    • I suggest you read Zak Brown’s post on He claims the teams have been running the show for far too long, and the bigger the team, the more influence they’ve had. But then again, what do facts matter to you.

  11. You know you write garbage if not a single one of your comments are positive.
    This is the kind of garbage that the DTS producers would be proud of.

    I feel bad for the hosting provider, having to host this garbage.

    • We’re accustomed to the Hamfosi trolls who swamp the website – but give us great rankings when they post their plethora of trite comments. And by the way, if you were not such a Johnny come lately to F1 and our website, you would know for some years we were ‘anti’ Red Bull/Vettel dominance and called out all their tricks and FIA manipulation. As it states on the tin, we are by the fans – for the fans.

        • Thank you. Been at this for nearly a decade and won’t be changing anytime soon. 17.7 million viewers later we’re still going strong. Funny enough this year we have almost 2.5m reads already, best ever year probably by the end of January – and with 11 months to go.

          I do have to say though recently my keyboard is flooded with the rivers of tears from the Hamfosi. Good job I have Apple Care 🙂

  12. What a load of bullshit. Whoever wrote this is talking out of their ass. Funny how you talk about merc going to court yet forget that redbull also threatened to take merc to court after silverstone where they made F1 look like a shitshow and then the FIA made F1 look like a shitshow in Abu Dhabi so please explain to me how merc are to blame for this. Do the world a favour and be quiet

  13. The most biased report… Dietrich Mateschitz, Marko and Horner were always threatening to pull the plug and leave when things weren’t going their way …

  14. Hmmm, am afraid I struggled to get past the tone of this article, I’ve loved F1 for years, never been a one team fan, just like a good race but articles like this are putting me off the whole sport, biased and vitriolic, I simply don’t understand the need.

    • We are a robust – call it as it is – website. Don’t answer to anyone – and yes a number of our pieces are op-ed – never intended to be mere he said she said neutral reports.

      • There’s a difference between ‘robust’ and vitriolic. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, what you’re doing is deliberately poking at snakes, not for good journalism or freedom of expression but to cause upset. It’s a shame, but it doesn’t provoke that response from me, just makes me feel sad really… and a little bit of pity.

        • Yes, I am poking the snakes that are the “Lewis walks on water Johnny come lately F1 viewers.

          And sorry to be au contraire, you say, “it doesn’t provoke a response from me”…. but actually, it has. Errrrmmmm you have commented now twice. Looking for a bit of Judgey love? xxx Thank you for your contribution.

          • In your haste to issue a response I’m afraid you failed to read my reply correctly, I said you didn’t provoke ‘that’ response, as in the poked snake response, but you are right in that I clearly have a response to make or I wouldn’t have posted. I’m not a ‘Lewis walks on water’ viewer, nor am I of the same opinion about Max, but I think fuelling the bitterness in such a way is a disappointment, it makes me concerned for next season and beyond, as I always say, you can’t credit the whole world with the same level of intelligence as you or I so you will have to forgive me for my concerns I’m afraid but I worry about what some of the suitably provoked snakes might do in response. But thanks for the love, I’ve enjoyed the discussion.

          • “you can’t credit the whole world with the same level of intelligence as you”…. So kind. XXX
            I do believe I’m greatly misunderstood.

            That said, TJ13’s view of F1 is based on 40 years of watching and participating in the sport.

            It’s a healthy skeptical attitude where everyone is game – as soon as they take themselves too seriously. And as Zak Brown a Mercedes PU customer said yesterday, Toto Wolff has been hilarious and behaved as though he is auditioning for “a pantomime role”, maybe as the Dame??? or more realistically a starring role in Netflix “Drive to survive” 2021.

            So we call him out.

    • Never??? Never Ever…. EVER????? Really??? Wow, I’m privileged to educate and enhance the boundaries or your world.

    • But as Prince Harry and Megan say, “everyone’s truth, is their truth”. So stop crashing others emosh space bro

  15. One of the greatest moments on this website happened recently, when Catherine expertly laid a trap out for the “Judge”, into which he duly fell – and having previously all but admitted that google rankings, website views are all he gives a shit about
    “this year we have almost 2.5m reads already, best ever year probably by the end of January”
    he has hit upon a formula for maxing out hits
    “won’t be changing anytime soon”
    “Yes, I am poking the snakes”

    Basically he just keyboard troll, desperate for clicks

    • Comment and poke away….. I was actually hoping the response from the Hamfosi would be to all bugger off and stop promoting our site in the rankings… We could then have a reasoned debate…. But hey hoh…..

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