Michael Schumacher’s health revealed

As the Schumacher documentary is scheduled for release on Netflix on September 15th, little is known about the health of the former F1 driver, who has been in a coma since 2013. But his wife Corinna gives a poignant testimony and reveals hints of the current health of Michael.

More than seven long years. Since his skiing accident on 29th of December 2013 on the slopes of Meribel, Michael Schumacher has been at home. And the news about his health is a secret maintained by his family. But the testimony of Corinna, his wife, in the documentary Schumacher, due on Netflix on 15th September, gives some clues.


“I never blamed God for what happened. It was just bad luck, as it could happen to anyone. Of course, I miss him every day.

“But I’m not the only one who misses him. The children, the family, his father, everyone around him. Everyone misses Michael.

“But Michael is here. He’s different, but he’s here. And that gives us strength, I think,” she said in comments relayed by Télé-Loisirs, which had access to the documentary.

“We are together, we live together at home. He is undergoing treatment. We do everything to improve his condition, to make sure he’s comfortable and to make him feel like family, like a link.

“Whatever happens, I will do everything I can. We all will. As a family, we try to carry on as Michael would have liked and as he would still like. Life goes on. Michael has always protected us, and now we protect Michael,” the former Formula One driver’s wife told the camera.


On 29th December 2013, the Schumacher family’s life changed on the slopes of Meribel. The seven-time Formula 1 world champion, accompanied by his son Mick and his friends, put on his skis. On a small off-piste section, Schumacher hit a boulder, lost his balance and violently hit a rock.

Although his helmet saved his life, Michaël Schumacher suffered a serious head injury and his prognosis was compromised. The former Ferrari driver was hospitalised at the Grenoble University Hospital and underwent neurosurgery before coming out of the coma in June 2014.


After a short stay in an institution in Lausanne, Michael Schumacher finally returned home three months later, although he could not walk or stand on his own, according to the family’s lawyer. Since that day, the mystery of Schumi’s health has remained. Last April, Corinna put their property in Gland, on Lake Geneva, up for sale after selling her private jet and a Norwegian chalet where the family used to holiday.

The release of the Schumacher documentary, scheduled for September 15th on Netflix, may help reassure Schumi’s many fans, who have been in a state of complete uncertainty for more than seven years. It is said the documentary gives a good indication of the state of Schumacher, something many are keen to better understand.



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  1. Reviews I’ve read from people who claim they’ve seen the pre-release don’t say anything has been revealed about Schumacher’s current health status – other than he is still alive.

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