Vettel responds hard at detractors

Sebastian Vettel has been criticised by many and questioned by some as to his legitimacy at the once Racing Point, now Aston Martin Formula 1 team, but he insists he is only interested in what his team thinks.

Sebastian Vettel had a very disappointing season with Ferrari in 2020, but he finally bounced back by joining Aston Martin this season. But the German’s performance has been below expectations, as he has not finished in the points once in the first three races of the season.


Faced with this situation, some observers believe that Lawrence Stroll only brought him in to allow his son Lance Stroll to shine against a Sebastian Vettel who is losing speed. But for his part, in the face of the barrage of criticism he is receiving, the German confided that all the negative judgements against him go over his head.


“Sometimes these criticisms are justified, sometimes they are not.” says Vettel,

“But to be honest, I don’t really care what outsiders think. What I expect is a sincere opinion from the team, and if it’s criticism, I have to accept it and do my best to change that,”

Vettel remains bullish and says he’s making progress “bit by bit” at Aston Martin.

“A bit slower than I would like, but here we are, we are working very hard and I’m sure eventually it will come.”


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  1. Vettel as a four time WC was brought into AM to promote their road cars. Whatever they are paying Vettel gets them a lot more PR value for the road car group, where most people will only know him as a four time WC. The only active driver with more is Hamilton.

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