Horner: ‘Extreme’ DAS for Red Bull

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner revealed last night in a special edition of “Sport und Talk” by ServusTV in Austria that his team is building a version of the Mercedes F1 steering trick DAS (dual axis steering).

As a guest of the show, Horner explained several topics about the race in Austria, including the early retirement of Max Verstappen from the Grand Prix.


Horner confirmed it was an electrical problem.

“We have now taken a closer look at all the parts. We know what the problem is and we have to sort it out with Honda now.

“I’m confident that we can find a solution for all four cars.”


A hot topic remains the “dual axis steering” (DAS) system from Mercedes-Benz. Horner explains why Red Bull Racing in Austria lodged a protest against the system, which was rejected by the FIA’s governing body:

“From our point of view it was a grey area. Mercedes put forward the argument that it was part of the steering system, we thought that in this form it was part of the suspension. Ultimately it’s for warming up the tires.”

Horner recalls, “The technical delegate was in Spielberg for the hearing. Because of the protest on Friday, the subject had no influence on the rest of the weekend. …but we wanted to have it settled before we went out on the track.”

“We’re putting a lot of money into this,” says Horner. “Maybe we’ll look for a more extreme solution now that it’s allowed.”


Regarding the collision between Alex Albon and Lewis Hamilton, which cost the Thai Brits a podium place, Horner says:

“We had done it strategically very well up to that point, got Alex in and put on the soft tyre. Alex had to use this advantage quickly.

“He had so much more speed than Lewis. He thought he had already passed Hamilton. I even think Alex has a chance to win this race. He was 1.2 seconds faster than the Mercedes on each lap with our strategy.”




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