UPDATE: Daimler & Mercedes don’t deny the rumour

Yesterday, TJ13 were one of the first websites to report on a huge story emerging from Germany, started by F1 Insider and Autobild veteran journalist Ralph Bach – Mercedes AMG F1 team boss Toto Wolff would step down and Mercedes would likely cease to be a works team, potentially becoming Aston Martin Racing.

According to Ralph Bach of F1-Insider , Toto Wolff will resign from his operational role at the head of the factory team after the end of his contract and switch to the team’s supervisory board, in a similar manner to Niki Lauda’s role previously.


Could Mercedes F1 team become Aston Martin Racing?

Further, not only Bach reported this story but Germany’s other news outlets such as Motorsport Total, afflicted with the global motorsport.com network, joined in with the story adding their information into the mix READ MORE ON THIS STORY HERE.


Yesterday, Daimler felt the need to respond to these stories going viral across the internet, but certainly did so in a rather murky fashion. Reported by handelsblatt.com, Daimler spokesman Joerg Howe told the German Press Agency on Thursday: “There is no decision and no reason to withdraw from Formula 1”.

Mercedes too joined the rhetoric saying “We have no intention of withdrawing from Formula 1”


Howe then speaks of Wolff and his position considering he is out of contract by the end of this year, confirming:

“Toto is and will remain our team boss – beyond the season”, 


This is hardly a denial however, as the story started in Germany states that the team will remain in Formula 1 but is likely to be rebranded as Aston Martin Racing, something TJ13 reported on way back in January this year. Therefore, Mercedes would remain in F1, albeit as an engine manufacturer.

Further, if Bach’s story remains true, then Wolff is very likely to step down as MERCEDES team boss, but remaining within the team as a senior manager. 

No doubt further information on this crazy story will reveal itself, keep up to date with the latest and subscribe to TJ13.








2 responses to “UPDATE: Daimler & Mercedes don’t deny the rumour

  1. Are you high or do you just not know how to read? Daimler said the rumours were “unfounded and irresponsible ” In case you don’t know, unfounded is an adjective meaning something which has no foundation or basis in fact. Not sure how you manage to claim that is “murky” or unclear. Seems like this whole thing is more of some campaign with no real evidence or truth behind it. I guess someone thinks if they can keep it up maybe Daimler or Merc will actually start to believe it themselves. Surprised your not still banging on about Hamilton going to Ferrari, that’s another story that has about as much credibility as this.

    • It’s just the same old tactic employed by this website… Say enough garbage enough times, and occasionally it he can claim he got it right.

      All he does is recycle articles from other websites… there is no industry connection, research, journalism or credibility… its all done for clicks

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