President of Ferrari has a severe warning for Vettel & Leclerc

Ferrari President John Elkann admitted that he was ‘very upset’ last Sunday when he saw his two drivers retire at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Last Sunday at Interlagos, the two Ferrari drivers hit each other on the track and both retired due to the excessive damage to their respective cars.

Ferrari president John Elkann, who was not in Brazil last weekend, saw his two drivers make contact with each other at a distance and were eliminated in a race that could have brought in big extra points for the Scuderia Ferrari.


But more than the points, it is the image of the Maranello team that has suffered the most from this double abandonment.

“What happened on Sunday not only upset me a lot, but it also made me understand the importance of Ferrari.” said Elkann today in Turin during Exor’s Investor Day.

“It is not necessary for the drivers, however good they may be, to forget that they are racing for Ferrari and the most important thing is that Ferrari wins and that has not been done. Mattia Binotto was very clear on this point.” warns Elkann.

“It has been an extraordinary season for Ferrari in terms of pole position, but unfortunately not all of them have been converted into victory” concedes the president. 

It’s true that for Ferrari, in most decades, no one driver is bigger than the team. A near religious entity in Italy.

For the Manufacturers’ World Championship, Ferrari is guaranteed to finish the 2019 season in second place, with only one race left.



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