Internal Ferrari revelations: Acidic Vettel vs Leclerc relationship

According to the Italian press, Ferrari drivers “can’t stand each other.” – La Gazzetta dello Sport stated this week that there is practically no positive relationship left between Vettel and Leclerc.

After the Russian Grand Prix, where there was a tense radio communication between Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc and the Ferrari pit, some doubts about the relationship between the two drivers came to light again. On this subject, the daily La Gazzetta dello Sport stated that the Monegasque and the German do not even tolerate each other.


“Charles and Sebastian can’t bear each other anymore,” said veteran Formula 1 journalist and Sochi special envoy Andrea Cremonesi in Tuesday’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Charles; Binotto calls him ‘the Predestined’, Hamilton constantly congratulates him and, as a young boy, he wants it all now,” he said after stressing the new meetings held by everyone after what happened in Russia.

“And Vettel, especially after the victory in Singapore, does not accept the role of junior, does not want to play Raikkonen and has experience and cunning. If not, ask (Mark) Webber,” he said in his article ‘Sono ingestibili? (translated: Are they ‘unmanageable’?).

The warmth of manager Mattia Binotto, who says it’s “a luxury” to have two drivers like that, and the escalation of tension are leaving their drivers on the verge of having a clash on track, which is the red line that can not pass both. A pact that will cost to maintain. As it will be complicated to do so with the new pact emerged in Russia, to be quieter on the radio from now on. It’s not known to what degree the drivers agreed to this.

“Binotto will have to work in the coming days to calm the mood. Ferrari has clearly made a lot of progress in recent weeks, but still has some internal problems with its drivers,” said Ross Brawn, who was Jean Todt’s deputy in the glorious era of Ferrari with Schumacher.

“It’s an explosive combination and needs careful handling. Mattia is well aware of how this kind of dynamic works, having had experience with it when he was a young engineer, but now he has an obligation to make sure that the mechanism that leads to a healthy rivalry works smoothly.”



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