China will see team orders broken again?

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How did I do last time?

Well I think we can call that a win, ok so Charles Leclerc didn’t actually win the race but he won our hearts and lifted a jaded paddock with his incredible weekend, just let down by a duff engine. Astrologically speaking, this Sunday the moon is in Leo, this means emotions are running confident, dominant and playful, a need to feel special but a severe dislike for feeling ignored, so if attention is not on the lead drivers or teams, there could be some ruffled feathers that need smoothing.

With the Sun in trine with Jupiter, luck will play a big part in the race.



What can we expect to see in the Chinese Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – The Hierophant

What to look out for – Ten of Cups

Outcome – Eight of Spears


Mood for the Weekend: The Hierophant

On the card, we see Varys, the Master of Whispers standing in front of a curtain decorated with Little Birds, his source of information.

This is a Major Arcana, so the information from this card is important to the reading.

This card is all about learning and information; this is what kept Varys in power for so long, the ability to accumulate so much information and what to do with it. This will be a large part of this weekend, information and the use of it. Another large part of this card is an institution and religion, which point me to Ferrari. They have been in this sport longer than any other team; racing and winning are treated with almost a religious fervour in the team. Winning the 1000th race would mean a lot to Ferrari.


What to look out for: Ten of Cups

On the card, we see ten candles flickering in the Stark family crypt at Winterfell.

The suit of cups represents the element of water, which shows up emotions and intuition.

This card represents family values and this again makes me think of Ferrari and all its family values. Like the Stark’s, it’s all about family, taking one for the team, being honourable and family commitments. This weekend all rivalries within the team need to be put aside for the greater good. Good fortune is also a big part of this card, combined with the Sun in Trine with Jupiter; luck is going to play a huge part in this weekend as well.


Outcome: Eight of Spears

On the card, eight spears, decorated with snakes can be seen flying over the Sand Snakes camp in Dorne.

The suit of Spears or Wands represents the element of fire, which in turn shows us, passion, pizzazz, self-will and creativity.

This card is all about speed, yes I know, I know, ironic isn’t it. However, quick action is needed, split second decisions need to be made, striking while the iron is hot and all those clichés. What this card is saying is, don’t wait for permission, if you see an opportunity take it because it may not be there for long and you may not get the opportunity again, don’t think, act. And beware of three girls armed with whips, daggers and swords; they’re out to kill you.



This reading seems to be pointing to Ferrari doing well, families, institutions, a religious fervour seem to point this way, of course, religious fervour could point to Hamilton’s Tin Foil Hat Army. Someone who sees an opportunity will take it, regardless of instructions, could this be Charles or Bottas again, luck will also a big part in this weekend and the Eight of Spears underlines this, a lucky pass, someone’s engine exploding, a spin or a puncture will help hugely in the race.


Leclerc defies Ferrari team orders & passes Vettel during the Bahrain GP


Chinese Grand Prix coverage

The next race in China is happening this weekend, starting on Friday free-practice. One of the easiest ways of watching is to use the new F1 TV pro (learn more).

After a shaky start in 2018, it seems that the streaming service has got it’s act together better and it’s something this Judge can now recommend.

Friday 12th April 2019

Chinese Grand Prix Free Practice 1: 10:00-11:30 (UK time: 3:00-4:30)
Chinese Grand Prix Free Practice 2: 14:00-15:30 (UK time: 7:00-8:30)

Saturday 13th April 2019

Chinese Grand Prix Free Practice 3: 11:00-12:00 (UK time: 4:00-5:00)
Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying: 14:00 (UK time: 7:00)

Sunday 14th April 2019

Chinese Grand Prix: 14:10 (UK time: 7:10)






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  1. just a couple of notes –
    first – on last race – i don’t think too many people consider Leclerc as an underdog
    second – Ferrari are NOT longest standing team – Alfa Romeo ARE

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