Tobacco branding appears again with Ferrari name

After Ferrari had decided not to advertise the “Mission Winnow” campaign of long-term sponsor Philip Morris International at the season opener in Melbourne, the lettering now reappears in the team name.

A new version of the Formula 1 entry list for the 2019 season, which was published by the FIA on Friday, has been revealed: Ferrari will again officially compete under the name “Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow”.


The racing team from Maranello had been planning this for quite some time, as the oldest team in the world already appeared under this name on an older version of the entry list.

Shortly before the season opener in Australia, however, the official team name was shortened to “Scuderia Ferrari”. At Albert Park, Ferrari voluntarily gave up advertising for the campaign that aims to create a better future for all smokers and the people around them under the motto “Designing a Smoke Free Future”.


Previously, the Victoria State Health Authority and the Australian Department of Communications and Media had discussed whether this sponsorship violated the strict ban on tobacco advertising or whether the broadcast of the GP races in which it was to be seen constituted a violation of the applicable rules.

The McLaren team, which has entered into a similar partnership with “British American Tobacco” (BAT) for a campaign entitled “A better Tomorrow”, also did not use the controversial lettering at the start of the season.

Instead, the Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz racers were used to promote the 7-Eleven supermarket chain.

Ferrari replaced the “Mission Winnow” logo on the red racers with its own advertising for the 90th anniversary of the famous sports car manufacturer.

Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc will again be wearing the Philip Morris “Mission Winnow” logos and lettering that could already be seen on their cars during winter testing in Barcelona at the next race weekend, which will take place on the Bahrain desert circuit from 29 to 31 March.


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  1. As a non-smoker I always find it amusing that stuff like this gets a government into high gear, Why don’t they could ban all tobacco products for sale? That also means forgoing millions in tax revenue doesn’t it………

  2. Like Trump likes to say: “Fake news!” Mission Winnow has absolutely nothing to do with promoting any tobacco products. It’s all just been blown out of proportion by the sensitive SJWs. Change the title of this article because it’s totally misleading. “Tobacco branding”? I don’t think so lol.

    • It does. The trademark is registered for tobacco and sigarettes. According to Philip Morris this is ‘to prevent hijacking of their brand for the wrong reasons’.

      They’re masters in making sure their products are mentioned in the press.

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