Giovinazzi will soon be announced as a Sauber driver for the 2019 season


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NOTE FROM ED: Further fuel to the Ericsson exit predicted by TJ13 earlier this month, replaced by Ferrari junior Giovinazzi – it seems that there is more such rumour from Italy today, along with the fact that the Giovinazzi will be performing Friday practice duties for Sauber in place of Ericsson.


According to Italian, Antonio Giovinazzi will soon be announced as a Sauber driver for the 2019 season

The article details Raikkonen’s visit to Sauber along with his seat fitting, and states it is likely he will drive this year’s Sauber with 2019-spec tyres after the Mexican GP.

And then the author casually adds: “Since the Prancing Horse has benefited from the Sauber “loan” to run Charles Leclerc on the Ferrari SF71H in the Pirelli tests last week at Paul Ricard, it can not be excluded that there may be a favor of returning to the Swiss team since it is the monegasque, both Marcus Ericsson will no longer be the drivers in 2019 (Antonio Giovinazzi will be officially announced soon)”


Nissan Rumored to Use McLaren Powertrain Components

McLaren strongly rumored to be supplying Formula E motors, inverters to Nissan…

Nissan Global Motorsports Director Michael Carcamo said: “Nissan has been developing its powertrain with various suppliers, all of which are under [non-disclosure agreements].”

E-racing365 understands that the Japanese manufacturer is likely to be working with the British company ahead of its foray into the ABB FIA Formula E Championship with e.dams in the upcoming season.


Raikkonen’s manager explains thinking behind Sauber move

“Kimi wants to drive F1 cars, he loves it,” says Robertson. “People are surprised because having driven for Ferrari for so many years most people expected him to retire, sit on his yacht, and enjoy the rest of his life.

“But he loves driving F1 cars, he gets a buzz from that. Kimi loves being on the edge. If he’s not doing this he wants to ride motocross, but this is the pinnacle for him.

“And once we knew that it wasn’t going to happen at Ferrari, he wanted to do a deal.

“I think you have to look at the situation of Sauber as well. They have some backers now.

“Two years ago, would he have gone there when the team was hanging on? Firstly they couldn’t even have afforded him, and secondly it was a ship that was sinking.

“Now they’ve taken on Kimi, an A-lister in F1, a world champion, and it shows their intent, where they want to be.

“They could have taken a driver that brings in money. At the end of the day two parties want the same thing. He wants to help them.”


Ticktum questions Schumacher’s F3 surge

“Not ideal is the best way I can describe the weekend here in Austria,” Ticktum said on Instagram, before later removing the post.

“I don’t like pointing fingers at anyone but to be honest, this weekend the pace in the car was not there. Set up mainly, as in the last race when we got the car better, we were pretty quick climbing from 7th to 4th.

“However compared to the top 2 no one on this grid had a chance. Even their other team mates who are good drivers were nowhere compared to them.

“Interesting is how I would describe their pace and I am confident many people in the f3 paddock will agree.”


Schumacher responds to Ticktum tirade

Schumacher is quoted by Speedweek: “I do not listen to something like that. The car is terrific to drive. We’ve evolved as a team, while others may have stopped at one point.

“I wish him good luck that he stays in the title fight. But I focus on myself, that’s my key.

“Everyone evolves during the year. We never stop working and learning. After my win at Spa it was not easy, but we managed to be consistent, especially in qualifying, with good lap times.”




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