Ferrari’s Marchionne to resign, succeended by

Italian sources are reporting late on Thursday evening that the boss of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne will be resigning.

The news was confirmed by John Elkann – chairman and CEO of Exor, an investment company controlled by the Agnelli family who controls Ferrari and other interests including Juventus F.C. Elkhann also chairs and controls the automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). It appears that Marchionne will be completing work during 2018 but will step down by 2019.

The most likely candidate for Marchionne’s replacement is FCA’s Chief operating officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa – Alfredo Altavilla. Born in Taranto, Italy the 53 year old is favoured by Elkhann within FCA.

In light of this change, perhaps we will finally see an end to the tobacco sponsorship that continues to linger on with Scuderia Ferrari. Marchionne is a board member of the Philip Morris International Inc., owners of Malboro Cigarettes, long term sponsor of the team.




4 responses to “Ferrari’s Marchionne to resign, succeended by

  1. Hahahahaha. Resigning in 2 years – maybe. Philip Morris has been indirectly and directly sponsoring Ferrari since the 1970’s. The continued sponsorship has nothing to do with Marchionne. Are Ferrari going to ditch $165M a year they get from PM? I doubt it.

  2. You know the most ridiculous point of this article? It’s not even news. Sergio always said he was retiring then… Doh!!

  3. My Anglo-Italian dictionary is struggling to define “succeended”, could the wise and literate writing team at TJ13 please enlighten me?

    Is it a slang term used by the kids, to denote an act that everyone knew about but was worthy of sensationalizing for clickbait cheap headlines?

    I’m so old even my Urban Dictionary is out of date 😉

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