Verstappen calls for F1 rules rethink after Mexico “double standards”

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Daily News & Comment: 5th November 2016
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Verstappen – Mexico “double standards”

verstappen wants f1 rules to be changed for 2017 due to double standards

The Red Bull driver remains unhappy that he was penalised for cutting the track after braking late for Turn 1 in the closing stages, while Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton was allowed to get away with it on the opening lap.

He thinks the situation is ‘ridiculous’ – as he suggested that F1 had to move away from too many rules, insisting it was a turn-off for fans.

“The problem with these kind of rules is that they complicate the sport – for both the viewer and the stewards themselves,” wrote Verstappen in his regular column for sponsor Exact.

“That was evident at the Grand Prix of Mexico. Lewis Hamilton cut across the grass at the first corner and was not penalised. Fine, but after I did exactly the same in my fight with Sebastian Vettel, I got a five-second penalty and I lost my third place.

“That is a ridiculous situation. Lewis and I both miss our braking point, in exactly the same corner. Just like him I didn’t have any advantage, because I went first into the corner and came out first again. That I am punished, but not Lewis, indicates that there are double standards.”


On this day in F1 – 1989

prost interviewed in australia 1989

On this day in 1989, Alain Prost too showed remarkable bravery when he withdrew from the Australian GP after just one lap because of how poor the conditions were.

All the drivers had voiced concerns and spoke about pitting but he was the only one who followed his convictions.



Mick Schumacher tests a Formula 3 car (GMM)

Schumacher interviewed in f4

Mick Schumacher has admitted he is poised to step up to one of the final steps before hitting Formula One — European F3.

Lance Stroll who, at 18, is just a year older than F1 legend Michael Schumacher’s son, will step up to Formula One next year with Williams, having just won the European F3 championship.




German ‘Auto, Motor und Sport’ got a hold of the uncensored radio messages that spiced up the end of the Mexican Grand Prix.



Alonso names Ricciardo the best current driver in F1

daniel is the best current driver - Alonso

Fernando Alonso has rated Daniel Ricciardo as Formula One’s best current driver.

“I would say Ricciardo right now because in the way he approaches racing he’s always very committed to everything he does,” said Alonso.

“On the track you cannot see any mistakes when you are together with him. In the overtaking manoeuvres probably he is the best out there. When he commits to one movement, 99 per cent [of the time] he will achieve the result that he wanted.”


VW potential entry into F1 after quitting WRC & WEC

So Volkswagen has walked away from the World Rally Championship and its sister brand Audi has left the World Endurance Championship, leaving another sibling brand Porsche to dominate the dance floor.

Audi says it is going to get involved in Formula E, but leaving Le Mans for the all-electric championship is a bit like quitting the Bolshoi in order to star in a clog dancing contest at the Frinton Summer Theatre.


Lewis acting out for Call of Duty




4 responses to “Verstappen calls for F1 rules rethink after Mexico “double standards”

  1. I’m thinking that Fred is definitely throwing shade in other directions more that he’s saying too much about Dan.

    As for the VW group, after the shambles in the US, the less they are associated with vehicles that have exhaust pipe the better. You’d have to think the scrutineers will be checking the control system on Audi’s Formula E entry more than once.

    • You’re probably correct about Alonso, which is why it’s so tasty.

      Rossi used to employ similar tactics back in the day – deliberately focusing on a near-rival whilst overlooking his actual rival when discussing who he was concerned about for the coming season.

      “Yes’a, I tink ah Sete is ‘bery strong…” as Biaggi sits there seething.

      If you got praise from Rossi, it meant that he didn’t respect you as a rival. Haha. Love it.

  2. Leaving the track on the outside of a corner should result in kitty litter that slows you down or breaks your wings and/or suspension. No need for rules. Broken cars work much better to get rid of track limit violations. And likewise there should be something that cuts your tires on the outside of some kerbs as some people have a habit of using them over the ‘max’ (Vettel).
    And if we don’t want debris or broken bones, just make an automatic penalty for violations. Wheel over the outside of a kerb, +1s added automatically each time. Leave track, automatic 5s extra. No discussion about glazing on brakes, who did what and positions. Automatic time penalties as soon as you go outside the track with one wheel. Same rules for everyone. If a Tesla can sense that I cross a line, it should be possible on an F1 car.
    Pinnacle of technology….

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