Lowe to swap Merc for Ferrari

image2_img_640_medium.jpgIn the Singapore humidity on Thursday, numerous rumours were swirling around the F1 paddock.

One of those rumours circling, suggested that Paddy Lowe may be ready to switch the silver of Mercedes for the red of Ferrari. Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel was asked the question about Paddy, and he did nothing to deny or even calm down the speculation of a Maranello link.

“When someone of his calibre is available, of course you have to think about it. But to my knowledge he is not available.” Said Seb.

Jock Clear has already crossed the divide from Brixworth to Maranello, after ending his role as Lewis Hamilton’s performance engineer back in 2014. After seeing out 2015 on gardening leave, Clear joined Ferrari properly this year. Would Paddy be prepared to do the same?

Another rumour that has gathered pace all week, is the subject of an active suspension ‘cheat’ system being used. Mercedes are the team rumoured to be using an innovative device that mimics the benefits of the banned active suspension. Rumours also state that if this were to be true, the device wouldn’t be able to be banned by the FIA until the 2018 season.

Vettel was also asked on the existence of this:

“To what extent it is on the edge of legality or not, I cannot judge, But for sure if you have something, you want to exploit it for as long as possible. We also have some clever things on the car,” Vettel is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

Singapore is also a place for everyone up and down he pit lane to discuss the new F1 ownership, and the potential that Liberty Media may bring. Sebastian had this to say:

“I think they will not have much influence on the cars. But if they do, I would like twice as many cylinders and less complicated electronics. And maybe air conditioning — we could really use it here in Singapore,” Vettel joked.

9 responses to “Lowe to swap Merc for Ferrari

  1. Wow this is exciting news that Lowe is heading to Ferrari!
    oh wait, that’s just the clickbait headline …

  2. Paddy moving to Ferrari would be an interesting development, what is going to happen remains to be seen.
    As for the Mercedes ‘trick’, Red Bull seem to be using the same system since a few races. I’ve read that for it to be banned all teams need to have to agree on it. So will it be banned?
    It always fun to read how Vettel jokes around, it gives a genuine smile on my face, concerning airconditioning although joking? I do yearn for drivers being pulled out of the car again because they had to give absolutely everything they had..

  3. Dont really see why.. Lowe came aboard after the team was already succesfully set up. At McLaren he never succeeded to turn things around. Don’t see why it would work at Ferrari

  4. Can I just ask where this rumour was heard and from whom, as I have also heard from a somewhat reliable source having spoken to PLYMOUTH at Singapore who suggest he is quite happy where he is thank you very much

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