Jenson fancies super GT

jensonbuttonreuters-mOutgoing McLaren driver Jenson Button fancies competing in Japan’s Super GT championship in 2017, when he spends a sabbatical year away from Formula 1.

The popular Englishman surprised many during the weeekend of the Monza Grand Prix, by announcing that he will take a back seat with McLaren for the 2017 season.

This decision paved the way for Stoffel Vandoorne to enter the F1 world permanently, lining up to partner with Fernando Alonso at McLaren.

Button was keen to point out that he was not indeed retiring, and even hinted at a return to the grid for 2018 was a true possibility.

Jenson remains relaxed about the opportunities of 2017, and is determined to conduct his business by his own rules. The former world champion admitted that, whilst wanting to do things his own way competing in rallycross or Super GT is possible.

“I want to spend more time with friends, family and to do other things… I love triathlons and maybe I’ll race in something else like rallycross or Super GT in Japan,” Button was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“There are so many options and that’s why it’s exciting, because I can sort of live my life the way I want to next year. I have a contract to race with the team in 2018 if the team wants me to race and if I feel that I want to race.

“I’ve been driving in Formula 1 for 17 years, which is my whole adult life, so I want to live a year in my life that is not by [its] schedule.”

It could also be possible that Jenson would consider an entry into LMP, where ex Red Bull driver Mark Webber currently ply’s his trade.



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