Ricciardo: ‘I will get my Monaco win back’

1022_6666666666666x767__origin__0x0_daniel_ricciardo-1024x768After dominating qualifying and the early part of the 2016 Monaco grand prix, Aussie charger Dani Ricciardo saw a memorable victory at the principality slip away.

Since the hybrid V6 formula began back in 2014, Red Bulls best chance of upsetting the Mercedes dominance has been at the confinements of street circuits.

The chance of a golden victory this year at Monaco was cruelly thrown away after a calamitous stop for tyres, which saw eventual winner Lewis Hamilton handed the lead as Ricciardo exited the pits.

The Honey badger though is hoping that Lady Luck, with a sprinkling of Karma will help him succeed around the streets of Marina Bay.

“I don’t believe in much, but if there is a little bit of karma or whatever, I’d like to think I will get my Monaco win back somewhere and Singapore is a track which I will look to,” he told AAP.

 “I don’t expect to be handed a victory, absolutely not, but I feel if I work very well across that weekend then it should provide me with a chance.”

Ricciardo has been a regular feature on the Singapore podium recent times as in 2014 he finished third, going one better last year to finish second as Mercedes struggled for ultimate pace.

He added: “I think we’ve got a better package this year than we did last year.

“Last year we pretty much fought for a victory, so looking at that I think that we should be there.

“Mercedes, if they’re able to solve their issues from last year, then of course they’ll be the ones to beat. Even if they’re quick I think we’ll still be like Monaco, we can still be very close to them.”

Many paddock insiders believe this race could infact yield a Red Bull victory, adding to the teams tally of 3, which were delivered at the hands of ex-driver Sebastian Vettel.

I’m sure Max will have something to say about Dani’s chances too.

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