Verstappen to blame for Rosberg’s penalty

The Side Bar panel tell us why they thought Nico’s penalty was harsh.

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38 responses to “Verstappen to blame for Rosberg’s penalty

  1. This is such a stupid assumption, like blaming all gay people for the existence of aids.

  2. Think it’s a stupid question. But they told me there are no stupid questions only stupid answers. Oeps i did it again.

  3. Guys need to check the onboard, and specifically the data on the screen on Nico, that this analyses is simply stupid, Nico could steer in way earlier, he CHOSE to go straight and push VES off. Sorry, really hoping that Nico gets his first WC, but this was just a stupid move. (Mainly because he did it way to open, and didn’t try to hide it (or forgot that telemetry and on board video are available to the stewards…)

  4. With all respect dear Side Bar panel, how about this one … Max goes a little wide and Nico decides to take his chance and brakes late … Max sees Nico next to him and decides to go even wider to avoid a collision as Nico is steering the car to the outside of the track (intentionally or unintentionally) and thereby pushing Max off track. The stewards were actually nice for Nico not giving him a 10 seconds penalty.

    As far as defending in the breaking zone, F1 should be the most spectacular form of racing. Everybody is talking about the sensational driving style of Max and that F1 is great to watch again. F1 racing in general is a dangerous sport and therefore not without serious potential risks of damage to the car and the driver. Defending in the breaking zone is risky business. However, an excellent opportunity to demonstrate driving skills by both the defending and attacking driver. If you prohibit defending in the breaking zone, then you may also want to prohibit breaking late in the corners because that carries the same potential risks.

  5. Agree with the panel. Don’t know how Rosberg got a penalty. Fundamental principles of racing and long-held rules of engagement (inside / outside corner) are being trashed in F1 lately.

    • I do know how Rosberg got a penalty, in my opinion he did push Verstappen two times off the track, I think Rosberg braked too late on purpose at first, but if you feel that was not the case, he definitely pushed Max off the road after the curve, while Verstappen was technically still on the side of Rosberg.

      If the first push off the road was a mistake, Rosberg should have kept turning to make place for Verstappen, so he could get back on to the road as soon as possible, Rosberg didn’t leave a car width next to him, but intentionally kept driving strait on, making Verstappen go through the grass/dirt.

      It can not both be true, that the first push of the road was a mistake, because then the second push off the road was not a mistake, or the first push off the road was already intentional.

  6. I think an issue no one is talking about is control under braking. look at Rosbergs trajectory; not where he ended up but at the beginning of the braking zone. He started braking way late and had he stayed center of the road or wider he would be fine.

    Max’s little jink made Rosberg turn in and change his line. Rosberg knew he would understeer if he tried to turn in tighter and earlier. In my book, when I raced, if a guy played dirty into corners like max, Rosberg’s response running him out of track was the same as mine.

  7. Nico could have done exactly the same overtake without receiving a penalty, he needs to study footage of a real racer like Hamilton or Alonso to see how to do it fair and square. Whenever Nico attempts it it smacks of desperation, he tries to be ruthless but lacks the finesse required to pull it off. This page will tell you the moon is made of cheese if it gets clicks.

  8. Nonesense. Rosberg simply needs to polish his wheel to wheel skills. How many drivers on the grid have already made a fool of him?

  9. Verstappen simply disrupts the attacks of the other drivers, and he does that in way other drivers and some fans like to scream it’s dangerous (but it’s not). He actually forces Rosberg into making a mistake just as he did with Kimi last week.

    There are no rules which prevents moving under braking. There are only rules about dangerous manoeuvres, and Verstappen does in such a way the attacking driver is still able to avoid contact, however to the annoyance of drivers and some fans it disrupts attacks (which is defending), simply cleaver stuff.

    Rosberg realized he got punk’d (just like Kimi last week) and tried to teach Max a lesson by steering in too late, but he got penalized rightfully for it. God I love this stuff, and 18 year old showing up the older drivers. The older drivers thinking they could curb the young guy by intimidating him in the drivers briefing and he immediately showing them he won’t be.

    Now let’s see if the older drivers are going to concede to the young guy by making a collision in response in the upcoming time (which would be sign of weakness because it would show they can’t play with him on his level), or if they can raise their game.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you mate, maybe the oldtimers don’t have the reflexes anymore, but this is old school driving, seems like they’re spoiled with the safety rules overkill, stop whining, start racing!

  10. So Verstappen is to blaim for a stupid action from Rosberg? Don’t think so! Rosberg was too late and could not make the corner, so he was wrong and the penalty was justified

  11. Doing The Same Again And Again And Again, And Expecting A Different Penalty.

    Hope He Does Not Learn, Ever – LEWIS Can Only Thank Him For The Increasing Stats.

    Waiting For Win 52.

    GO, 44 !

  12. When it would be Lewis pushed of track yesterday this kind of video above wouldn’t even exist.

  13. Did the panel watch the same race as I did? Watched the moment over and over again, didn’t see any real lock up and no intention to steer into the corner. I’m really starting to doubt Rosberg capacities, he is doing some strange stuff this season. That boy is so lucky he is driving a mercedes.

  14. I remember the days when in racing if you held the inside line you could drive that corner however you wanted. Seems those days are over. The likes of Schumacher and Senna would get penalties every race the way things have become nowadays. It’s a shame the sport isn’t what it was even a few seasons back.

    • This rule keeping the inside line only goes when you are in front, defending an attack on the outside line. Rosberg was not in front. He came from way too far. Actually the same as in Austria where Lewis passed him on the outside before entering the corner. Lewis gave him space as well, but Nico decided to go strasight instead of turning in. He should have known better 🙂

    • I agree. The sport does appear to have significantly changed long-held core racing rules over the last few years. Coming from a perspective of having raced, that penalty sincerely shocked me. Most older ex-racers were shocked.

      Of course, those who began watching in ’07 may think otherwise. That’s fine… so long as they click and comment. Keeps the site vibrant and colourful. 😀

    • I watch all different kind of motorsports myself since the early 90’s. so I don’t think the ’07 is pointing towards me!

      On the inside you are allowed to hold your line, but there is one small thing about it! If you do so you must leave enough room for your opponent to make it through the corner as well. It is very clear that under braking (not heavy, thats silly because he wasn’t even close to lock up and already was in 1st gear) he had no intention of steering in to the corner and kept his wheels straight.
      By doing so he forced Verstappen outside the track. If Verstappen would have braked harder, Rosberg would or could counter this and by doing so not getting the cut back on him. This was the thing he was afraid for, Verstappen making a cut back! By blocking the way he did and starting the steering at the point he did, he prefented the cut back but forced him out!

      Penalty well deserved, because this isn’t racing.

      Do you want to see how it’s done? Watch Hamilton overtaking Kimi and Ricciardo at the same time in the same corner at Hockenheim, or Verstappen on Ericsson in China 2015.

    • What I most remember form Schumacher are start chops. When did he overtake drivers in similar moves to Rosberg yesterday?

  15. Watching it again, and again, Verstappen’s move (unlike some of his previous efforts) is entirely ambiguous; no way of telling if he jinked to intimidate Rosberg, or rather whether he was simply turning in to the corner and jinked away when he saw Rosberg dive bombing him (as he later claimed).
    Rosber’s move still looks clumsy to me, and while I’m inclined to agree with Mansell that it shouldn’t attract a penalty, by current stewarding standards it’s relatively clear cut.

    One other point – stewards have access to telemetry we don’t, which would give much more context to Rosberg’s account of his steering and braking.

  16. Couple of other points… had Rosberg had anything like Hamilton’s pace, he ought to have been able to build a gap to nullify the 5 second penalty (which might have coloured the stewards’ thinking ?). Or a smart, ‘thinking’, as opposed to instinctive, driver might have realised that immediately handing the place back could have been the sensible move…. and then got on the radio to complain about Verstappen moving in the braking zone.

  17. Rosberg was easily within the grip limit when he passed the apex and could have turned in with no problem. He chose to run to the track limit before turning, because he lacks sufficient race craft to pull off such a move without entirely blocking the track.

    • In true Brexit style then… TheJudge13 readers officially think that Rosberg did deserve a penalty.

  18. Nico has form on dodgy manoeuvres and I think the stewards are a bit scared of Max in an odd way. Mix that together and you get a penalty for Rosberg.

    It’s funny that a measly five second penalty affected the race. It wasn’t that long ago that MB could turn all the dials up to eleven for five laps and treat such a trifling penalty with contempt. (Mucho lols at the extra few seconds of penatly because the crew chief couldn’t count).

    Nico needs to straighten up and fly right. He’s on notice that no-one’s going to take his sh!t anymore.

    Max needs a clip before he causes a serious accident. I’m trying to think which current driver fits the Dale Earnhardt “Enforcer” role. Hmmm … errr … jeez … not one of them strike me as ballsy enough. And they’re all whiny, dobbing, highly-strung, short-@$$ed, weedy bastards as well… sigh…

  19. Furthermore … why would you blame Verstappen for penalizing Rosberg? Or did Max force the stewards to give Nico a 5 seconds penalty? Or better, did Max force Nico to brake late and drive him off the track? Seems that there are people that have a go at Max for some reason.

    • Yeah, finally there is a 18 year old kid that brings racing back to F1. Agressive, demanding, ballsy, seems arrogant but is selfconfidence, seems disrespectfull but with just enough respect, on the ultimate edge of regulations. He brings what F1 lost for years and all those moaning seem to have forgotten what racing is all about. And even more so they finally can see what racing could look like in F1 with the right mindset and a good pair of balls!

  20. Why did Rosberg get down to 1st gear while all the other times he did that corner in 2nd with higher speed? He parked that car. He was not about to loose control at any moment. For some reason he looses focus when he is under attack or attacks himself and makes all kind of stupid mistakes that he cannot remember afterwards (or pushes away in some corner of his mind).
    And last time when I ran someone off the track like that, it got me banned from that place for a year. I was frustrated and didn’t steer in as well and actually forced someone into the tires. If there had been grass there would not have been a problem, so in my opinion my penalty was totally undeserved. Right!? Not.

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