Monza signs 4 year deal to retain the Italian GP

An €88 million deal has been agreed for the Italian Grand Prix to continue at Monza.

After speculation last week regarding a romantic return to the Imola circuit emerged, Chiefs behind the scenes have been working hard to keep the race in Lombardy.

The €88 million deal is believed to be for 4 years from 2017 to 2020, which equates to €22 million per year to stage the race.

The Lombardy region are believed to be contributing €20 million to the race pot, or €5 million a year.

Bernie has once again played a blinder in forcing this through, after signing the intent with the Imola circuit last week.

So at least for now, ‘The cathedral of speed’ remains the home of the Italian Grand Prix.


6 responses to “Monza signs 4 year deal to retain the Italian GP

  1. not a Monza fan, but along with a few other venues, this must forever be on the F1 schedule.
    a big relief…

  2. The midget agree to Monza because he was too busy negotiating the TV rights for his mother in law kidnapping. What is he going to do with the contract he signed with Imola (Return of San Marino GP)

  3. Great!!!

    I still think that there must be a garantee on some tracks for a perminent status!

    Melbourne, Monaco, Silverstone, Canada, Japan, Monza, Germany, Brasil should get such status. By doing so they get lower entry fee to host races, but must garantee improvement and updates to their tracks and facilities.

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