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Ferrari raced an X-rated car at Shanghai

Jolyon Palmer looking for second job

Räikkönen edges closer to new Ferrari contract

This explains everything

Ferrari raced an X-rated car at Shanghai

Both Ferrari drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen have a history of dropping the S-bomb during podium interviews and Vettel flustered Eddie Jordan after his Malaysia win by declaring “I want to get pissed tonight”. It is therefore obvious that Vettel and Kimi aren’t of the squeamish disposition, and as it now transpires, the two long-time friends were contesting the Chinese Grand Prix with a penis drawing on their cars.

The artistic representation of a gentleman sausage was hidden within the logo of Ferrari’s sponsor UPS. The logistics giant had asked fans to send in pictures and created a Mosaic of their logo with them. It is evident one of those pictures was a drawing of ‘dickbutt’, the exact definition of which we leave to the expertise or fantasy of the readers.

As is tradition in our political correctness obsessed world, UPS immediately apologized. We here in the TJ13 bunker think it is freakin’ hilarious.


Jolyon Palmer looking for second job

Like last week in China, Lotus’ reserve driver Jolyon Palmer contested the first free practice session inplace of Romain Grosjean. In Bahrain, with a view to potential of cost cutting, it can only be hoped that Lotus does the smart thing and lets Pastor Maldonado sit out the session this time.

However, the young Brit, last year’s GP2 champion, is not content with only waiting to be given a chance many moons in the future and admits that he misses the actual racing.

”I won’t jeopardize my place at Lotus for it, but if an offer arrives that doesn’t clash with my duties here, I will take it.”


Räikkönen edges closer to new Ferrari contract

The numbers don’t look promising. After only three races the experienced Finn, and Ferrari’s last F1 World Champion driver, is already well behind his team mate Vettel. 55/24 is the points tally. However, put into perspective Kimi started the season with a DNF for which the team bears sole responsibility.

One big pro for Räikkönen is that he’s not interested in political mind-games, and that he and Vettel have so far not yet wrecked their long-standing friendship. This stable atmosphere allows the team to concentrate on catching up to Mercedes instead of having to referee the handbag fights the Silver Arrows management team is refereeing between their drivers.

In addition, Maurizio Arrivabene has lately heaped praise on the Iceman, and was seen celebrating enthusiastically when Räikkönen pulled off the fantastic first few corner overtakes in Shanghai, which disposed of the two Williams quickly and efficiently.

All these indications led Leo Turini, an Italian journalist and Ferrari insider, to the conclusion that Kimi is the man who will most likely be Vettel’s team mate next year. The Finn’s current contract runs out at the end of the season.

Of course, should Lewis Hamilton’s contract negotiations drag on further, Sergio Marchionne’s revelations in the Italian media will become more and more prevalent.

Ferrari’s chairman implied that Lewis Hamilton was the top of his recruitment list, for F1 drivers available in 2016.


This explains everything

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29 responses to “#F1 Daily News and Comment: Thursday, 16th April 2015

  1. LOL, M R Pickle Dick. It may have got a few to take notice of F1, that otherwise would not have. Or, it’s possibly get off my lawn mentality. Hello! Is there any Bernie out there?

  2. Well that solves that then. Kimi will be remaining next season.
    Wonder where you know who will end up? Merc. will be blunting their pencils about now, wouldn’t they?

  3. I’m a Kimi fan so biased. I do think Ferrari is better off with drivers who can co exist rather than compete with each other in ways that distract from the development of a car which can win with consistency. Once they have a car that can beat the current Mercedes juggernaut, then they can go for two cocks in the chicken house.

    • There’s another perspective to this too; Vettel and Kimi seem to have similar liking to a car. I’m no expert like some of the writers here, but it looks like developing a car to suit Kimi would be also a car that suits Vettel. Which obviously is a better deal for a team compare to say last year’s deal where both guys had a team mate preferring a different style car, be it over under stearing or whatever grip break style.

      Would be great if one of the experts here could classify drivers based on good pairs in style, you’d think that teams would think that even more at least the top teams.

  4. “This stable atmosphere allows the team to concentrate on catching up to Ferrari…” this must be catching up to mercedes.

    • That’s a rather silly statement. Unless there is a huge rift between driver and team, negotiating contracts, even in season is part of the job. Toto Wolff negotiating with Hamilton wasn’t the reason for Merc’s Malaysian gaffe, just as it wasn’t the reason they’ve won twice.

  5. Kimi lets his driving on track do his talking. I still laugh when I think about his famous radio transmission when he was at Lotus about leaving him alone because he knew what to do. Classic Kimi.

    I think that Lewis Hamilton’s contract at Mercedes will get done and signed eventually. If the contract doesn’t get completed and signed, I’d like to see Bottas at Mercedes. I think that he would be a good fit. He is a good driver who works hard. He’s had a good training ground at Williams where he has done well and I think Pascal will be able to slide into an F1 seat at Mercedes when the time comes. Hopefully, the tire issues with the W06 have been sorted and Mercedes can have an awesome result in Bahrain. I think that Brackey, Brixworth, and Stuttgart have been working double time to get improvements ready for the cars.

    I expect Sebastian to do well also because this year’s Ferrari really suits his driving style. I think that Williams will see better results once they can get more downforce on the car. I think towards the end of the season it will be a battle between Ferrari and Williams behind Mercedes. Red Bull will be more competitive once they get the engine issues sorted. I expect it by the middle of the European season.

  6. Kimi’s race pace has been great for a long time but his qualifying laps have been very poor for since he joined Ferrari. In China it seemed as though a stranger was driving the car come Q3!

    Come on Kimi, sort it out….Spa 2009 seems like a lifetime ago!

      • is that so? i think i remember that he was always praised for his single lap speed and his ability to step into any car given to him and drive it fast. perception of kimi sure have changed over time.

        • When he joined Ferrari Massa was generally the one lap expert who would only win from front row. Kimi occassionally won from behind too. Macca times Kimi didn’t really have a challenger, and yes the car was fast enough that it probably kept his slow warming up hidden. Even at lotus I recall Kimi being slower at quali quite often, but picking up the position during race.

          Typing this on my phone, so don’t have any stats to refer to, just my vague impression and memories; but still in never recall Kimi been much of a qualifier. He’s the one ( I’m pretty sure about this stat without checking ) who has more fastest laps then poles.

  7. It probably doesn’t matter all that much, but is Palmer’s “official” position at Lotus any different than that held by Davide Valsecchi a couple of years back? Is there any real expectation that Jolyon will be treated differently if things go pear-shaped for Grosjean or Loldonado? Boullier isn’t there, I guess, that’s gotta be a plus.

      • Palmer and Valsecchi both moved up to powerful cars too quickly IMO. So Palmer took some time to get there, but his overtaking skills are now distinctive. The only issue is if it takes him too long to get goin in an F1 car. On that note, Ocon would probably have been a better bet.

        Also, Leclerc looks set to totally dominate F3 this year, which should not be surprising considering he wasn’t far off Verstappen in Karting!

        • On a similar note… Kimi’s replacement is now lying in a hospital bed. So the option of another year for the Finn is probably taken, before the next Ferrari junior is ready to step up (Marciello), probably taking the route Jules would have taken (Sauber -> Ferrari). Maybe a chance for Hulk if Marciello gets more than one year at Sauber? I just can’t see Ham-Vet, although that would be mouth watering.

      • If Kvyat continues to disappoint… that chart makes interesting reading for how Vergne would have done now that his weight is now less of a disadvantage 😉

          • … and Vettel too, which basically lays bare what a silly methodology F1Metrics used. Anyone looking at the junior categories would’ve clearly seen that Hamilton and Vettel were future standouts. Wonder what Verstappen’s “Excitement” score was?

        • In regards to your earlier comment about Bianchi lining up to replace Kimi…

          F1Metrics is not the only one to notice that Marciello’s performance last season in GP2 seemed to disappoint the FDA.

          Next up in the FDA stream is Fuoco who was also highly rated, but his F3 performance last year disappointed also.

          But if you look at the actions that Ferrari took during the off-season, it’s fairly clever. They picked up Esteban Gutierrez, but probably for his sponsorship(s) and not his talents.

          Ferrari also picked up perhaps the most talented available F1 driver with out a seat, Vergne. With Bianchi gone, and the FDA’s feeder stream currently weak, Vergne is well positioned. It would be great to see him in a Ferrari powered seat next season (fingers crossed).

        • He is doing an excellent job in Formula E with experience that -most of- the rest of the field.

          • I meant “Vergne is doing an excellent job in Formula E with less experience that -most of- the rest of the field.”
            Can’t we have the option to correct our comments your honor, Hippo and company?

  8. The open seat and fast improving car at Ferrari may help Hamilton’s contract negotiation position.
    Won’t UPS be thrilled when they find out about the penis shot…Unlimited Penis Services?

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